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Is It Practical To Use a Millroad Dump Trailer in Cold Weather?

Is It Practical To Use a Millroad Dump Trailer in Cold Weather?

As you look for trailer dealers in Ontario, you will probably consider many factors before making a purchase. You will want to think about Canadian winters and the overall usefulness of the trailer you ultimately choose.

A dump trailer offers many benefits, but is it the right option for the cold weather months in Ontario? The answer might surprise you.

Using Dump Trailers in the Harsh Ontario Winters

Dump trailers are versatile trailer options. They are helpful for carrying materials and getting rid of debris. However you decide to use your dump trailer, know it is likely more capable than you give it credit for. That said, some people may feel that a dump trailer loses its usefulness in winter, but that is not the case.

1. Snow Removal

Ontario is beautiful in the wintertime, but it is also hazardous. The amount of snow and ice citizens must deal with is significant. A dump trailer can help eliminate some of the material on your property, allowing you to transport a great deal of snow to other less trafficked areas of your property.

2. Gravel and Dirt Spreading

A dump trailer can also help you lay fresh gravel and dirt to help with ice control or mud relief. The winter is cold and wet. It is common for the soil on dirt roads and driveways to erode or wash away. A dump trailer can make quick work of patch jobs.

Using Dump Trailers All Year

While dump trailers are useful in the winter months, they also serve a purpose throughout the year. The tools are regular workhorses, allowing owners to transport equipment, debris, and other items with ease. You can increase the equipment’s usefulness by investing in custom trailers. According to manufacturer’s three of the greatest uses of dump trailers include decluttering, transportation, and hauling.

1. Declutter or Empty a Barn

Any situation that might require a dumpster rental can also use a dump trailer. The best part of the trailer is you can keep it hitched up, making it easier to transport clutter and trash. Many people find the dump trailer most suited for tasks like barn cleanings, but that is definitely not the only use.

2. Equipment Transportation

You might believe that a dump trailer is not as practical as a conventional trailer or a deckover trailer, but that is not true. A dump trailer can still help you transport equipment, depending on the style of the trailer.

If a conventional dump trailer doesn’t suit your needs, you can always customize it. Millroad Manufacturing can help you design the perfect trailer for your needs.

3. Landscape Material Hauling

One of the most beneficial uses of a dump trailer is the transportation of landscaping materials. The trailer is ideal for moving soil, gravel, sod, and other loose materials, including mulch. 

Caring for Your Dump Trailer

While a dump trailer is helpful throughout the year, you may want to take better care in the winter to maintain it. Primarily, you want to ensure the trailer is clean and well-lubricated before the colder temperatures set in. Also, if possible, you want to store the trailer in a dry place. If that is not possible, consider buying a cover for the times the trailer is not in use.

Buying a Dump Trailer

You can find a dump trailer for sale at any local dealer, but that doesn’t mean you should buy from just any service. Contact Millroad Manufacturing, a premier trailer manufacturer in Ontario. The company specializes in all things trailers and has an excellent selection of dump trailers. If their ready-made trailers don’t work for you, talk to them about custom options.