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Why Buying a Millroad Dump Trailer is a Great Choice!

The Advantages of a Millroad Dump Trailer

If you’re trying to find a high-quality dump trailer for sale, whether it’s for your job or for personal use, you can work with Millroad Manufacturing to get a bang for your buck. While there’s plenty of equipment out there for hauling materials, there are certain scenarios that require something more specialized. Our custom-built dump trailers can help you save time and money while also improving your workflow.

Easy Loading

Our dump trailers’ beds are easy to access and load. We use a strong hydraulic system that keeps the cylinders and pistons working as well as they can when you stack materials on top. Also, the lightweight aluminum frame allows you to load more materials than you normally would. When customizing your trailer, you can let us know about your materials, weight capacity, and special loading needs so that we can make the right adjustments.


We’ll offer you a plethora of options when building your trailer, and if you don’t know what to go with, we can help you make a decision based on your situation.

A standard dump trailer is usually only available in one length and one width. But with Millroad Manufacturing, you can get a custom dump trailer in a range of different dimensions. This can be helpful when you’re hauling longer or wider items around. We’ll make sure that the trailer accommodates your materials so that you can maximize the use of your space.

Weather shouldn’t be a big concern either. Our corrosion-free aluminum and high-grade axles will enable you to work in all sorts of conditions without harming your trailer. Constantly repainting and resealing the trailer won’t be needed.

Once you find a good dump trailer for sale, you can use the same equipment for more applications and save the cost of purchasing more specialized items. You’ll also no longer have to rent another trailer every time a job comes up. And when you customize your trailer, you can avoid paying for unnecessary features.


Safety is an important consideration when purchasing any type of equipment. When you work with us, you have a good amount of control over the different safety features your trailer has. This gives you the ability to select the right designs and features to suit your needs and keep both you and your load safe.

A trailer’s braking system is very important when it comes to safety. You must make sure that your brakes are compatible with what you’re doing so that you can avoid accidents. At Millroad Manufacturing, we give two efficient options so that you can have the right type of brakes. You could have electric brakes installed if you want to be able to work them with a controller. If you aren’t comfortable with using an electric device for braking, you could go with hydraulic brakes instead.

We also offer LED lights with our trailers to help you see what you’re doing while you work. This could make the overall process safer by preventing you from dropping materials on yourself or others. Also, having extra illumination could help you spot any potential hazards while you’re driving at night. And because we have so much faith in our lighting systems, they come with a lifetime warranty.

We know that not every trailer will work perfectly for certain projects and lifestyles. A roofer’s needs will be different from a landscaper’s needs, not to mention the particular details of each job. This is why we’re giving you the option to customize your own trailer. With a collaborative effort, we’ll ensure that the trailer is right for you. Feel free to reach out to us if you’d like to discuss things further.