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All You Need To Know About the Millroad Dump Trailer

All You Need to Know About the Millroad Dump Trailer

From your backyard project to a demanding construction site, Millroad Manufacturing has a trailer built for your specific needs. Find out all you need to know about the dependable manufacturing and customized options before ordering your landscape trailer, deckover or custom dump trailer.

Trailer Sizes and Types

Our trailers come in all the lengths necessary to tackle any project. Starting at 8 feet long, our longest standard dump trailer size is an impressive 20 feet long. Next, you can find trailers between 5 feet and 101 inches, depending on the length you choose. These dimensions allow you to navigate cluttered backyard areas and busy worksites. Unlike a full-sized dump truck, you won’t have to worry about leaving space for a wide load. Hook up your trailer to your work truck and cruise around the jobsite before loading up and hauling away any debris or raw materials.

A dump trailer is only one type of workhorse available from Millroad Manufacturing. Here are some other popular trailer types you can choose from to accomplish your work or weekend tasks:

  • Landscape/utility
  • Flatdeck
  • Deckover
  • Gooseneck/fifth wheel

Each type of trailer is a multi-use machine with quality parts from tongue to brake lights, so you can be confident that any Millroad trailer you choose will have the versatile performance and long-lasting dependability you need.

Common Uses

A custom dump trailer is a surprisingly versatile piece of equipment. While you may only imagine a dump trailer hauling dirt at a construction site, here are other uses for your trailer:

  • Hauling building supplies
  • Carrying leaves and lawn debris
  • Moving garden tractors
  • Loading up recreational vehicles
  • Transporting items while moving

The walls of a dump trailer make it a great option for hauling loose materials. Once you arrive at your destination, you can dump them in a pile to avoid the time and hassle of hand-moving leaves, mulch, gravel or other supplies.

Tie-down points and a durable aluminum frame keep your heavy items safe, so a custom trailer is a great option for hauling lawn tractors, dirt bikes, ATVs and other equipment.

Quality Features

When you choose a Millroad trailer, you’re choosing a leading hauling solution. It all starts with a dependable axle. Thanks to the TorFlex axles with EZ Lube, you can enjoy long-lasting performance with minimal maintenance.

Next, a full aluminum body keeps your trailer and your equipment protected from corrosion and other issues. Aluminum is a lightweight, corrosion-free alternative to steel. You can enjoy the same hauling capabilities with less weight and less stress since you won’t have to touch up the paint job to prevent rust.

Finally, all our dump trailers have LED lighting with a lifetime warranty. This gives you peace of mind when you hit the breaks, make a turn or back up your trailer, knowing that it’s visible and road legal.

Optional Accessories

The best part of a custom trailer is the sheer variety of available options to choose from. Because we design and manufacture trailers at Millroad Manufacturing, we can offer you dependable designs that fit your specifications.

Ask about custom enclosed trailers, alternative braking systems, tie-down points, spare tire mounts and more. Upgrade to aluminum rims or add a removable kayak rack to your dump trailer for even more uses over the weekend.

Order a Custom Dump Trailer Today

Shop for custom trailers today to explore the many options available for a custom dump trailer by Millroad Manufacturing. Find out why we’re the leading custom trailer manufacturer in Ontario and how we can set you up with a trailer to meet your job site hauling needs and give you the freedom to safely transport all your toys over the weekend.