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The Features Of Millroad Dump Trailers

The Features Of Millroad Dump Trailers

When you purchase a dump trailer manufactured by Millroad Trailers, you’re purchasing high-quality transportation equipment that’s built to last. Our dump trailers can make hauling easier and even earn you some extra cash during downtimes. We use only world-class materials and manufacturing processes that meet the highest global standards. Once you understand the specific benefits of our dump trailers, you’ll be hard-pressed to find another dump trailer for sale that’s better suited for personal or professional use.

Dump Trailer Applications

A dump trailer has several practical applications:

  • Catching falling debris from roofing projects 
  • Hauling landscaper’s materials like gravel, mulch, or topsoil 
  • Moving furniture or bulky items to a new home 
  • Taking garbage, discarded appliances, or scrap metal to a junkyard or landfill 
  • Transporting equipment from one construction site to the next 

Basically, whenever you need to move bulky, heavy, or large quantities of material from one place to another, a dump trailer can serve as the ideal method of transportation. They’re ideal in both personal or commercial applications, allowing DIYers and contractors to haul whatever they need wherever they need.

Reliable Aluminum Body 

We build our dump trailers to last. To do that, we use high-quality aluminum to manufacture the trailer body. This gives you the benefit of a non-corrosive material that can stand up to extreme weather. This also means that you won’t ever need to apply a sealant to the body, as you would with a steel trailer. Typically, the only maintenance the body will need is a simple wash or wipe down after especially dirty jobs.

By using aluminum, we also help to keep the trailer lightweight without sacrificing strength. This gives you the ability to tow more without overloading your truck.

Heavy-Duty TorFlex Axles 

To add to the trailer’s overall strength and durability, we use TorFlex axles with EZ lube. There are multiple reasons we choose these two components for our trailers.

First, EZ lube keeps the time spent on maintenance low by reducing the time you’ll spend greasing the axle. This lubricant also protects the complex parts of the trailer from damage stemming from routine use and the elements.

Additionally, TorFlex axles can handle an impressive amount of weight. Through their unique construction, they offer improved suspension to the trailer without reducing maneuverability or reliability.

LED Rear Lighting 

Safety is always a concern when you’re hauling heavy or bulky materials or equipment. We use LED rear lighting so other vehicles are always aware of when you’re applying your breaks or backing up. This helps to keep you, your vehicle, and other drivers safe when you have to come to a sudden stop or just reverse out of a driveway.

Since safety is such a priority with us, we provide a lifetime warranty on the LED lighting on our dump trailers. Our warranty helps us demonstrate the dependability of our LED lighting systems while also making sure there’s never a reason to forgo essential repairs.

Custom-Built Trailers 

While we offer a variety of standard features for our customers, we know that sometimes you have unique equipment needs that you can’t get from a standard-built trailer. That’s why we also offer custom-built dump trailers.

You’ll have the ability to customize almost every part of the trailer to ensure it’s the perfect fit for your needs. We have a practically endless list of accessories, functional features, and braking systems from which to choose. Simply let us know your specific needs, and we can get to work designing and manufacturing your custom trailer.

Find a Dump Trailer for Sale 

Make sure to check out our official dealers to browse our selection of high-quality, standard-built trailers. You can also reach out to us directly to discuss our manufacturing process or your custom-built dump trailer needs.