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3 Facts About Millroads High Quality Dump Trailers

3 Facts About Millroads High Quality Dump Trailers

When it comes to buying dump trailers, quality means everything. These trailers have more moving parts than other types, so you need to know they will operate reliably for years to come. The heavier the load, the more important this is. This is why we offer a wide range of high-quality aluminum dump trailer options at Millroad Manufacturing. With so many great alternatives on the market, find out what makes us the best.

1. We Provide a Wide Variation in Sizes

When purchasing dump trailers, one of the first things you need to determine is the size you need. Some manufacturers only build within a certain niche of sizes, but not us. Our Millroad dump trailer sizes range from just 8 feet to even longer than 20 feet. We also have several different width options.

When determining the size of your trailer, you might first need to consider the size of your tow vehicle. If you have a heavy-duty truck, then this is rarely a concern for you. However, if you drive a small truck, SUV or crossover, a smaller and lighter trailer might be safer to tow and maneuver.

It’s also important to estimate the weight and size of the items you mean to haul in your dump trailer. This will further help you draw parameters on the size you need. Just remember to keep it within the safe towing limit of your vehicle.

2. Our Hydraulic Lift System Is Built To Last

We use a powerful hydraulic life system to dump loads. While there are certainly some benefits to using scissor lift options, most of our trailers feature cylinder hydraulics. With this type of system, engineers mount the cylinder to a plate. It then pushes one side of the trailer upward, causing the other side to tilt downward.

Cylinder hydraulics are much simpler to install and maintain. As most workers can agree, fewer moving parts mean fewer things that can break. The simplicity of cylinder hydraulics also makes it easier to manufacture high-quality aluminum dump trailers within the price ranges our customers can afford.

For larger dump trailers and those with heavier weight capacities, our engineers review all the details to determine the best lift system. Our goal is always to ensure our trailers improve safety and efficiency for whatever project you have in mind.

3. Our Aluminum Dump Trailers Outperform Steel Competitors

At Millroad, our teams are proud manufacturers of aluminum trailers. Aluminum trailers are lighter and easier to tow while still providing maximum strength and great weight limits. It also means better guess mileage, which can save you or your business hundreds of dollars each year.

Steel is one of the strongest materials used today, but aluminum trailers will outlast steel ones. The main reason is that steel loses its strength when it starts to corrode. Aluminum has much better resistance to corrosion, which is ideal for weathering the elements. It also means that aluminum trailers require less upkeep.

Aluminum dump trailer owners also report a much smoother ride than people who own steel trailers. The longer warranties on aluminum trailers also provide extra peace of mind for their owners. For these and other reasons, people who own aluminum trailers tend to keep them longer than people who own steel trailers.

Are you ready to purchase an aluminum dump trailer for your yard work or business needs? We have a wide network of dealers around Ontario who are ready to get you the trailer you need. You can also reach out to us directly if you want to customize your trailer. We work closely with you to ensure the final product is everything you had in mind and more.