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3 Common Uses For Landscape Utility Trailers

3 Common Uses For Landscape Utility Trailers

Purchasing a utility or landscape trailer is one of the best investments you’ll ever make for your home or business. While some people do repurpose them for recreational purposes, at the core, they are work trailers. Some trailers are small and light enough that your crossover could pull it, but there are many designed for the payload and towing capacities of true work trucks.

The one you buy will ultimately come down to the specific needs you have in mind. However, it’s a good idea to reduce the need for buying a second utility trailer by getting one you can grow into from the first time around. Consider these three common uses when making a decision.

1. Hauling Lawn Care Materials 

Whether you have a big lawn or a long list of landscaping clients, you need a trailer for hauling lawn care items. Many of these items can cause premature wear and tear to the bed lining and paint job on your truck. So, knowing you have a utility trailer to toss them into provides peace of mind and preserves the truck value for potential resale.

It also makes it easier to separate work from your personal life. Instead of spending Friday evening unloading lawn care materials from your truck, simply unhitch the trailer and load your camping gear in for the weekend. After you’ve enjoyed a weekend away, simply hitch up for work again on Monday.

TIP: When choosing a trailer to haul lawn care materials, consider one with a ramp. This makes it easy to get your mower in and out.

2. Trash Cleanup 

What’s the trash situation like in your neighbourhood? Do you have a dedicated garbage truck that passes through your area or do you need to bring refuse to a local station for dumping? If you have to bring trash yourself or have large items the truck won’t pick up, a utility trailer is a right solution. This contains the garbage better than the bed of your truck and reduces the risk of your vehicle smelling like days old cabbage.

Utility trailers are also great for cleaning up trash from landscaping jobs, construction sites and even park-cleanup projects. In fact, companies often hire this job out to contractors, so it’s a great way to make some money or just give back to a local park service.

TIP: If you mostly plan to carry loose material, an enclosed utility trailer might be best. For clean-ups that require moving big or long materials, an open-bed trailer might be better.

3. Moving Furniture

Moving is one of those adult experiences that no one enjoys. The packing and unpacking are hard enough, but moving things from one location to the next is also a hassle. The more trips you have to make and the longer the drive, the more it adds up. Using a utility trailer can easily double or even quadruple your cargo space, so you can move everything from beds to fridges to sofas without ever hiring a moving company.

In fact, you could start your own furniture moving service. Whether people need to move new furniture from the store to their homes or from one home to the next, they often contract out the service. This is a great way to make an additional income or create a business that can free you from your nine-to-five.

TIP: Enclosed trailers better protect furniture from the elements. Also, consider a tandem axel for higher weight capacity.

Why Purchase Your Utility Landscape Trailer From Millroad

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