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Purpose OF Millroad Deckover Trailers

What Purpose Is the Millroad Deckover Trailers Best Used For?

A deckover trailer likely cost more than a standard trailer, which begs the question, “why is a deckover option necessary?” The unique attribute of the trailer is that the deck sits over the wheel wells, and while that may not seem like much of an advantage for the average user, it is a significant difference that makes hauling much more accessible.

Ultimately, while you might not realize it, a deckover trailer is advantageous. If you are looking to purchase a versatile trailer, look no further than standard and custom deckover options.

Understanding the Benefits of a Deckover Trailer

When you buy a trailer, you want to purchase one that provides the greatest benefit and most use. Standard trailers are useful, but that use has limits, depending on your needs. For example, a farmer who needs to transport equipment, materials, and various other items may find it difficult to find a standard trailer that suits all their needs. However, a deckover option provides ample room for various hauling needs. As you consider your trailer options, remember that deckover trailers have three unique advantages over other trailers.

1. Wider Deck

One of the most significant advantages of a deckover trailer is the wider deck. Unlike common trailers, deckover options do not lose deck space to the wheels and wheel wells. On the deckover options, the deck sits above the wheels and wells, meaning you are not left with strange indents on the bed.

Because the deck goes over the wheels, it allows for more usable space. More usable space translates to a greater load capacity. It also means you have more loading and unloading options.

2. Loading and Unloading Capabilities

A standard trailer, one where the deck sits between and around the wheels, has only one option for loading and unloading with ease, the rear access area. With limited access, you significantly limit your ability to use the trailer effectively.

Deckover trailers do not have the same restrictions as standard trailer models. Because the deck sits over the wheels, you can load and unload from the sides and back of the trailer when it is hitched. You can also use forklifts to load and maneuver heavier pieces on the deck.

3. Complex Loads

How often do you need to transport items that are perfectly rectangular or square? Most people need to transport equipment that comes in various shapes and sizes. A standard trailer makes it hard to arrange such complex loads because of wheel-well interference.

A deckover trailer, with its flat surface, makes easy work of complex loads. You can arrange the pieces in the way that suits you and always be able to find an anchor point. Deckover options allow for more flexibility for transportation and hauling of equipment and other complex loads.

Purchasing a Deckover Trailer

When looking for a deckover trailer for sale, you must know what you need or expect from the purchase. You must know size requirements, tow capacities, and several other pieces of pertinent information.

If you are unsure where to start, consider consulting with a dealership or talking to another professional who frequently incorporates deckover trailers into their workday. A person with experience can often help you narrow down the must-have items for your trailer. If you cannot find a trailer that fits all of your must-have requirements, consider buying a custom trailer.

Are you in the market for a new trailer? Do you think a deckover option is the best choice for you and your needs? If so, contact Millroad Manufacturing to discuss available models or to request an appointment to discuss customization options.