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What Is a Deckover Trailer

What Is a Deckover Trailer?

One of the most popular designs, the deckover trailer is known for its strength, versatility, and dependability. It is named after the deck that rests above the wheels, creating a wider platform and higher center of gravity compared to other trailer models. 

A standard trailer is suitable for most jobs, but a deckover trailer has many benefits making it an optimal choice above many other types of trailers. The durability of the bed and the versatility of the frame arrangement makes a deckover trailer the better choice for any towing situation. 

One of Our Most Popular Designs

There are a few reasons why the deckover trailer is one of our most popular designs. First, a deckover trailer allows you to haul wider loads. A standard trailer is often restrictive and can only fit items between the wheel wells. With a deckover trailer, these limitations are taken away, allowing for large-capacity towing such as towing boats, RVs, or even large campers. 

The unique design is what sets deckover trailers apart from standard trailers. By placing the deck over the wheels, the trailer bed gains a significant amount of space, meaning that the transportation of wider loads is much easier. The design of the bed also allows for simple loading and unloading. 

Most standard trailers have ramps for loading items, but the wheel wells can get in the way when using a forklift. With a deckover style trailer, the upper deck is completely flat and level across the trailer platform, meaning there is no obstruction for the forklift. There is no need to arrange around the wheels when placing equipment or products on the trailer, which often leaves wasted space where other pallets could have gone.

Just remember that a standard deckover trailer doesn’t have any sides or rails. So, to keep equipment in place, you will need to safely strap it down. Custom strap spots are available if you plan to haul unique materials or equipment that would not fit in the usual straps. 

Deckover Dump Trailer

A deckover is a top choice of designs when looking for a dump-style trailer. A deckover dump trailer has a high dump angle because of its placement over the wheels. The higher grade makes it easier to clear the dump trailer of any materials. 

A deckover dump trailer also the added advantage of having more space in the dumpster bed. Because the wheel wells are under the deck, there is more square footage in the dump trailer. 

Custom Designs

As with all of our trailers at Millroad, we offer custom designs for deckover trailers. By adding some gear and accessories, you can get a trailer that perfectly suits your needs. Some of the basic custom additions we offer for deckover trailers include recessed LED lights, tie-down points, walls, and spring-assisted ramps. We also offer a range of custom accessories to personalize your trailer. You can rest assured that you are hauling safely with aluminum winch tracks, additional LED lighting, recessed floor tires, or maybe even a custom toolbox. With so many ways to customize a deckover trailer, you will be getting the perfect trailer for all your needs.  

For quality and precision-built trailers, Millroad is your first choice. We are committed to the best manufacturing practices that exceed industry standards. Check out our vast product line, or contact us for more information about our custom-built trailers.