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Features of a Tilt Trailer

Features of a Tilt Trailer

Got a hefty haul to unload? You may need a Millroad Manufacturing tilt trailer. Tilt trailers can help you haul your equipment more securely by offering a trailer bed that eases down to create a gentle slope to the ground. 

Tilt trailers can help when ramps are impractical or just won’t work. They are easy to load when carrying something such as light construction equipment or a lawnmower. Unlike ramps that can be challenging to line up correctly, with a tilt trailer, all you need to do is move the bed down, load your cargo, and return the trailer to its level position. Tilt trailers eliminate the need to mess around with heavy ramps.

Deckover Tilt Trailers

Tilt trailers are among some of our most flexible options as they carry all types of cargo. For extra wide cargo, our deckover tilt trailer is a great option. With the tilting mechanism, you don’t have to worry about damaging your cargo during loading, and the deckover design also allows for extra room. A Millroad manufacturing tilt trailer is a much easier and more flexible option for wide loads or cargo that can be tricky to line up on ramps.

Our standard Millroad tilt trailers feature wooden decks made from two-by-eights, stake pockets and half-inch rub nails, two hydraulic lift cylinders, 7000 pound drop leg jack, recessed LED lights, and radial tires on galvanized rims.

If a standard tilt trailer does not fit your needs, Millroad Manufacturing offers customization. When thinking of customization, the first option is to decide is if you prefer a standard or deckover trailer. Our deckover setup features a 101-inch wide model, making loading even the widest cargo much more manageable. Additionally, you can also choose a deck length between 16 to 24 feet in 2-foot intervals.

For heavier loads, the axle capacity can also be customized. Our base models have two 5,200 pound axles, but we offer a 6000 or 7000 pound axle setup if you need a larger carrying capacity. We can even make it a tri-axle for extreme jobs, giving you up to 10 ton carrying capacity.

 On top of these custom designs, we offer an assortment of custom accessories such as solid front walls or rails, recessed floor tiles, aluminum wheel rims, plus much more. Our team can design a tilt trailer that can fit your exact needs with many custom options.

Our Basic Designs

Workplace injuries can occur when equipment is improperly unloaded down ramps that are out of place or not properly secured. But with tilt trailers from Millroad Manufacturing, you won’t have to worry about missing a ramp as you back up.

Our tilt trailers come in two basic designs:

  • Sliding tilt trailer
  • Hydraulic lift trailer

Hydraulic lift trailers use hydraulic jacks to help tip the trailer. The hydraulics create a smooth safe tilt that’s perfect for large equipment. A sliding tilt trailer uses a lever to lock your trailer in place. This includes a hinged trailer bed that can move freely once the lever has been pulled. The tilting process will lean like a seesaw and allow you to safely drive the equipment down the end.

To haul equipment the right way, visit one of our trusted distributors of Millroad tilt trailers. For a custom tilt trailer, contact us today. Our sales team will be happy to walk you through the customization process and help you get the trailer that best suits your needs.