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How Tilt Trailers Can Help with Hefty Loads

How Tilt Trailers Can Help with Hefty Loads

Got a hefty load to load and unload? A tilt trailer can make a huge difference in your overall efficiency, speed, and labour costs. For some jobs, landscape utility trailers with ramps are impractical or just won’t work. This is when a tilt trailer from Millroad Manufacturing may be the solution. 

A tilt trailer features a powered deck that can tilt down to help with loading cargo. Ramps may make the job frustrating and dangerous when loading cargo such as a lawnmower or light-weight construction equipment. With a tilt trailer, you can simply move the bed down, load your cargo, and return it to its original position. No fussing around with heavy ramps. It is that simple. 

Options for Tilt Trailers

Using a tilt style trailer can make loading, hauling, and loading much more efficient. There are countless different uses for tilt trailers, and even more options available when choosing a tilt trailer. Some are better suited for light-medium jobs, while others are rated for heavy-duty jobs. Be sure to check out our list of official dealers and speak to a representative who can guide you while making a purchase. 

Our standard tilt trailers are available with a variety of high-quality options. These include:

  • Wood deck made from two-by-eights
  • Two-foot tapered
  • Stake pockets and half-inch rub rails
  • Two hydraulic lift cylinders
  • 7,000-pound drop leg jack
  • Recessed LED lights
  • Radial tires on galvanized rims

Tilt Deckover Trailers

No matter what your needs are, our tilt deckover trailers are among the most flexible options. Able to carry various unlimited types of cargo, tilts come in a variety of styles. The deckover arrangement is one of the most popular as it is easy to load and can accommodate extra-wide cargo. There is no need to worry about damaging heavy cargo during loading and unloading with the easy tilting mechanism. With standard ramps that are used with other types of trailers, it can be frustrating to line up equipment such as landscaping equipment and ATVs. With a tilt overdeck trailer, you can simply load your gear and be on your way. 

Custom Options

If a standard tilt trailer doesn’t fit your specific needs, contact Millroad Manufacturing for information about our custom designs. Some of our custom features include recessed floor ties, extruded floor, aluminum wheel rims, and D-rings. No matter the style of tilt trailer you choose, you can be assured it is made with the highest standard of manufacturing. 

At Millroad Manufacturing, we only use the highest-quality aluminum and other materials for our trailers. They are designed with you in mind for practicality and reliability. Other companies may use steel for their trailers, but this material can rust and corrode over time. We offer high-quality landscape utility trailers, dump trailers, flatdecks, deckovers, gooseneck, and tilt trailers. No matter which type you choose, with a Millroad trailer, you can feel confident your trailer will last the test of time and be in perfect working order every time you use it.