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Design Features of Gooseneck Trailers

Design Features of Gooseneck Trailers

Consider our line of gooseneck trailers when looking to haul heavy equipment or materials. These powerful trailers have a few different design features compared to other trailers, giving them considerable advantages for carrying larger loads. 

Millroad Manufacturing offers a selection of gooseneck trailers with customizable features to make your work or DIY project easier for you to handle. With Millroad trailers, you can expect professional pulling power, including more trailer hauling capacity and higher weight ratings. 

Unique Hitch Design

Gooseneck trailers are named after their unique hitch design that mimics – you guessed it – the arching neck of a goose. Connecting to a truck’s frame in the bed, these trailers are made for safely hauling heavy loads. In terms of durability and safety, nothing compares with a gooseneck trailer. 

This unique hitch design allows you to pull longer trailers. Millroad Manufacturing offers gooseneck trailers up to 35 feet in length. This gives far more space compared to a flat deck trailer which only typically measures up to 24 feet. This extra hauling space can allow for more room to transport long materials, bulky furniture, or other large items. 

It isn’t just the size of the haul that matters for the importance of a gooseneck trailer, but it is also the weight of the load. This specialized hitch with 2 or 3 axels supporting the trailer’s bed can handle a much higher weight limit than standard hitch designs. This means it has not only a higher overall hauling limit but also better weight distribution. 

Although a gooseneck trailer is generally larger than other types of trailers, it is sometimes easier to maneuver thanks to its kingpin-style hitch. This type of hitch allows you to back up and turn with greater freedom. 


It is common for trailers to be stolen from job sites and personal property. The gooseneck trailer hitch is a special design that can help deter theft. Without the proper hitch setup, thieves are unable to drive off with your trailer. This is just another added bonus to the gooseneck trailer!

Custom Gooseneck Trailers

At Millroad Manufacturing, we offer an extensive selection of customization options to get the most out of your gooseneck trailer. From beaver tails to ramps and tie-down points, you can create the trailer that will best suit your needs. 

We start with a heavy-duty frame with all custom trailers, precision gussets and cross members, extra thick rub rails, and Dexter Torflex axles. We also use a full aluminum structure that is lighter than steel and doesn’t suffer from oxidation and rust like steel does. 

You will also enjoy LED lighting with a limited lifetime warranty for reliable, efficient brake lights to keep you and other drivers safe.

The Value of Gooseneck Tailers

Many customers have reported that they quickly learned how valuable their gooseneck trailer proved to be for hauling a number of items. With little maintenance, you can enjoy many years of using your new trailer, and it will often pay for itself in just a short period of time!

Contact us today to learn more about the special features that set gooseneck trailers apart from the competition. Find your next Millroad trailer at a local dealer, or consider ordering a customized trailer that fits your specific needs today!