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The Advantages of an Aluminum Trailer

The Advantages of an Aluminum Trailer

Millroad Manufacturing is proud to use aluminum on our trailers. As one of the top leading trailer manufacturers in Canada, we have years of experience to know that aluminum is the best material when it comes to trailers. With our trailers, you can be sure that they will be solid and durable while also being light enough to positively affect your fuel efficiency. Aluminum trailers offer you the qualities you need without costing you in other areas. We offer custom aluminum deckover trailers, dump trailers, landscape trailers and more.  

Aluminum trailers are perfect to use year-round in any type of weather. Excess moisture from rain, ice, and snow can quickly damage and rust a steel trailer. Aluminum is naturally corrosion-resistant and perfectly suited for harsh Canadian winters. This can be a considerable maintenance benefit as steel trailers can come with costly and frustrating tasks such as repainting and resealing to prevent rust and corrosion. 

Lighter than Other Metals

Aluminum is a material that is lighter than steel and other metals. In fact, it is 40% lighter than steel, which can boost fuel efficiency and make hauling much more manageable. The material used to fabricate trailers can be a significant amount of the overall weight. Steel trailers can often be overloaded and end up being too heavy to haul cars or SUVs. 

Aluminum allows for a smaller trailer to even be pulled by an SUV. Without the heavy weight of steel or another heavy material, aluminum trailers start off much lighter from the beginning. So, load up your small trailer with tools and furniture and see what your car is capable of towing. 

It is important to note that you won’t sacrifice strength and toughness with aluminum, and our trailers can help you with the toughest of jobs. Don’t let the low weight rating fool you. Our aluminum trailers are still just as tough and reliable as steel. Millroad trailers do not come with a reduced weight rating or holding capacity. You can still rely on your aluminum trailer to haul all of your heavy-duty items and materials without causing any damage to the frame. 

Built to Fit Your Needs

At Millroad Manufacturing, we understand our customers all have different needs. Some people need aluminum trailers for work, while others are shopping for trailers for fun-related activities. Whether you are hauling equipment for work or taking a recreational vehicle out to your favourite vacation spot, Millroad has the aluminum trailer for you. 

Depending on your needs, you will want to compare weight ratings and dimensions. If our standard designs don’t fit your needs, you can contact us for customization options available. Our design and fabrication experts are happy to help create a custom trailer that will suit all your needs. 

The Potential of Aluminum

Trailers are not the only industry that has realized the potential of aluminum. Airplanes, boats, tractor-trailers, and more are making the switch from steel and other metals. This goes to show the range of applications that aluminum can be used for. In our trailer manufacturing, our fabricators understand the importance of hauling power with unbeatable performance, which is why they choose aluminum.  

Whether you choose a Millroad custom aluminum deckover trailer landscape, flat deck, gooseneck or dump trailer, you can expect the same convenience and hauling capacity as your old steel trailer. Check out our list of authorized deals to find your next Millroad trailer. Or contact us today to learn more about a custom trailer to suit your specific needs.