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Why Get A Custom Built Trailer

Why Get A Custom Built Trailer

If you are in the market to purchase a trailer, Millroad Manufacturing offers an extensive selection of designs. However, there are some occasions when our standard trailer designs just don’t fit your needs. This is why we provide a range of custom options to choose from. Our custom trailers are built with your jobs and needs in mind. 

At Millroad Manufacturing, we understand that no two customer’s needs are the same. No matter what you want to haul, we know that each person has different objectives and different types of items to move. We can offer customization on utility trailers, dump trailers, gooseneck trailers, and more. No matter what your job may be, Millroad Manufacturing has got a trailer to get the job done.

Aluminum Trailers

Our high-quality aluminum custom trailers will give you many years of dependable hauling. We use aluminum, so our trailers are solid and durable while also light enough to help with fuel efficiency. Our trailers are designed to withstand heavy-duty usage along with several functional and stylish features that can give your trailer your own personal unique stamp. 

Personal Needs

With Millroad manufacturing, there are various options when building a custom trailer. When you first contact us about a custom trailer, we will need to discuss your personal needs, such as loading options, size, weight capacity, and other available features. Once we know more about your jobs, we will be able to offer an endless amount of available options for you to choose from. 

Trailers can be customized to prepare for a specific job or for a weekend away with your favourite offroad vehicles. No matter your requirements, a custom trailer can provide you with exactly what you may need. Some common customizations often include storage solutions. At Mill Road manufacturing, we have the accessories to fit your work or play needs. This may consist of ramps, walls, kayak racks, toolboxes, enclosures, or spare tire mounts.

Heavy Duty Loads

Our team can help with dual-axle or triple-axle trailers when planning to haul heavy duty loads. With some customization, we can reinforce your trailer and prepare it for the intense demands of your workload. This also includes your braking system. As a crucial feature of any trailer, the braking system is directly linked to safety and performance. We offer both hydraulic and electronic models.

With Mill Road manufacturing, you don’t have to settle for anything less than a perfect trailer for your needs. We can customize a trailer or even send you aftermarket components to install so that your trailer is exactly the way you want it to be. Some custom items will not only improve the performance of your trailer but can also add a personal touch of style.

Contact us today to discuss any customization options you may have in mind or to hear about our various custom accessories available. Our team is standing by and ready to design your next custom trailer.