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3 Great Benefits of a Deckover Trailer!

Ontario Trailer Dealers: 3 Reasons to Purchase a Deckover Trailer

Whether you are a busy professional trying to transport equipment to a job site or an enthusiastic outdoorsman transporting your recreational toys, trailers are ideal and compatible tools for your vehicle. Many people do not realize the options they have when selecting a trailer, so they often settle for a traditional flatbed instead of opting for the more convenient deckover trailer.

Deckover Trailers and Their Many Benefits

A conventional flatbed trailer has a deck that sits between the wheel wells, meaning it sits lower to the ground. Unfortunately, when using a flatbed trailer, you sacrifice a lot of valuable space. A deckover trailer raises the trailer’s bed above the wheels, allowing for a larger surface area to load and unload materials. Depending on your specific needs, a deckover trailer is likely more advantageous, and experts agree it has several advantages over more traditional flatbed options.

1. Haul Wider Loads

The primary benefit of a deckover trailer is the ability to haul wider loads. When using a standard flatbed trailer, your equipment cannot be wider than the space between the wheels. If the equipment is wider, it needs to fit in the broader sections of the trailer, but that means you have to ensure everything you haul suits a specific measurement.

A deckover trailer eliminates most limitations of flatbed trailers. Your equipment or haul can fit the entire width and length of the bed. You no longer need to worry about if something will fit between the wheel wells or if it is narrow enough to slide onto the bed. Deckover trailers make hauling wider loads a breeze.

2. Haul Complex Loads

Deckover trailers can also make it easier to transport complex loads. Complex loads refer to items that don’t have a uniform shape. More often than not, you will need to load asymmetrical items or stack boxes in challenging ways to make them fit.

A flatbed trailer doesn’t make it easy to fit odd loads. The wheel wells constantly get in the way, and it is more likely you will damage your trailer trying to make things fit. Because a deckover trailer provides a uniform, flat, and open surface, it is much easier to load unusual items and secure them. Deckover trailers were built to make complex hauls easier.

3. Load and Unload With Ease

People like flatbed trailers because they are lower to the ground, which can make loading and unloading items more accessible. While flatbeds are convenient for some loads, flatbeds are better for most items or equipment you want to transport. 

When loading and unloading materials or equipment from a flatbed, you do not have to contend with wheel wells. You also have the ability to use other equipment, like forklifts, to maximize loading and unloading efficiency. Flatbed trailers only allow for loading and unloading from the back of the trailer, but a deckover provides access on all sides, making it superior to flatbeds.

Millroad Manufacturing: Production and Custom Trailer Solutions

Are you looking for a deckover trailer for sale? Do you know what size you need? Millroad Manufacturing offers several production models to suit most professional and personal needs. If you need something more precise, the company also offers custom models, meaning it will help you design a trailer to the exact specifications you need.

If you are looking for a custom or production trailer, contact Millroad Manufacturing for more information. The company is one of Ontario’s most respected manufacturers, and it is ready to help you find the right trailer for your needs. Whether you work the fields, are in construction, or are looking for something to haul your toys around, Millroad has you covered.