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Using a Dump Trailer for Leaf and Snow Removal

Using a Dump Trailer for Leaf and Snow Removal

Dump trailers are surprisingly versatile. Whether you’re shopping for trailers for your business or looking for a custom dump trailer for landscaping and personal property maintenance, find out how you can use and enjoy a Millroad Manufacturing trailer. From yearly snow removal to easy money with a new side job, use a dump trailer for these and other tasks.

Remove Bulk Leaves

Piles of leaves can be time-consuming to remove. If you’re hauling leaves with a pickup truck or another type of trailer, a dump trailer can cut down the time and hassle of this project. Typically, leaf removal involves raking or blowing leaves into a pile and hauling them into the back of a truck or a trailer. You then need to move them to a dump location and manually push or shovel them out.

A dump trailer cuts down on this time by allowing you to easily dump all your leaves. Once you’ve loaded the leaves into your trailer, all the hard work is done. Put a cover over them or take them right away to your dumpsite. With the push of a button, all those leaves will easily fall out into a convenient pile. Choose a large, lightweight aluminum trailer to reduce the number of trips necessary for a large commercial project or your roomy yard.

Earn Extra Money With a New Side Job

Dump trailers make it easy to pick up side work. If you’re looking for some cash on the weekends or evenings, advertise your services. Here are some projects that you can easily accomplish with a dump trailer and minimal extra equipment:

  • Junk removal
  • Leaf removal
  • Snow removal
  • Moving services
  • Landscaping

A heavy-duty dump trailer can haul any of these items and makes it convenient to drop them off. An aluminum trailer has fewer maintenance tasks than a steel trailer. Aluminum is lightweight enough that even your SUV or car can haul a smaller trailer for DIY projects around your home.

Haul Snow Away

A snow blower or plow can only do so much to manage snow. If you’ve experienced heavy snowfalls in the past, you know how frustrating it can be to battle large snowdrifts. Don’t let piles of snow reduce your visibility in your driveway, but haul them away to a more convenient location with a dump trailer.

Snow removal is a lucrative service you can offer for your neighbourhood or at a local town. Homeowners who don’t have access to their own trailer or truck need a handy way to remove large snowbanks. Use a snow blower, skid steer, tractor or shovel to fill up your dump trailer and haul snow to an appropriate location.

Maintain Your Trailer

Your Millroad Manufacturing trailer is great for year-round DIY projects or commercial jobs, but it does require some maintenance. As you prepare for another winter of hauling snow, be sure to clean out your trailer. Leftover dirt and debris can freeze to the surface and cause maintenance issues over time. A clean trailer is far less likely to corrode or rust.

Another important winter maintenance tip is to avoid salt. Road salt is used to melt snow in your driveway or on the road, but its highly corrosive properties can damage your aluminum trailer. Avoid parking near the road where snow plow trucks operate and wash off any road salt that builds up on your trailer while driving.

Enjoy Your Millroad Manufacturing Trailer

There’s nothing better than having the right equipment for the job. Whether taking on commercial projects or handling your own yard work, shop for dump trailers today to see why Millroad Manufacturing is a clear choice. Customize your trailer to enjoy the size, configuration, and tie-down points you need to tackle any project.