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Can a Dump Trailer Replace a Dump Truck

Can a Dump Trailer Replace a Dump Truck

A dump truck is a significant investment for many businesses. Whether you’re hauling gravel for a construction project or topsoil and mulch for your landscaping business, a dump truck may be too costly for your business. Find out how a dump trailer by Millroad Manufacturing can be an affordable alternative, and look for the best options on a dump trailer for sale near you. Don’t settle for expensive equipment when an affordable, versatile trailer can handle your projects.

Maneuverable Alternative


Bulky dump trucks have difficulty reaching every jobsite. Some driveways aren’t rated for the load, while others are too curvy and narrow to safely operate a dump truck. A dump trailer, on the other hand, can be used virtually anywhere you can take your truck. Navigate residential driveways or other confined job sites with ease, and dump materials exactly where you need them.

A fully loaded dump trailer risks cracking concrete or asphalt and sinking into soft ground. It can be a big hassle if a dump truck gets stuck or damages a parking lot as you attempt to use the heavy equipment. Dump trailers are a more convenient, minimal option for typical residential or commercial projects. Choose a large trailer, and you’ll still enjoy the same load capacity as many dump trucks.

Cost-Effective Hauling

There are two basic ways that a dump trailer can be more affordable than a dump truck: 

  1. Purchase price
  2. Fuel costs

A dump trailer is far more affordable than a dump truck. Use your current truck to haul a dump trailer wherever you need it for less fuel cost than a fuel-guzzling dump truck. Invest in a custom dump trailer for a custom size. If most dump truck models are far larger than you need, a more compact dump trailer can be easier to use and more affordable for your business. Choose a small, manageable dump trailer for residential landscaping projects or other small projects. For heavy-duty construction sites, extra-large dump trailers offer the capacity and dumping power you need.

Low-Maintenance Convenience

A Millroad Manufacturing dump trailer is virtually maintenance-free. After the routine maintenance of your truck, you won’t have to worry about painting your aluminum trailer, replacing springs or other time-consuming maintenance steps.

Your new dump trailer includes LED lights backed by a lifetime warranty. TorFlex axles use EZ Lube convenience, so even greasing your axles is an effortless maintenance step once or twice a year. Replace your dump trailer battery, inspect its tires and enjoy a reliable performance for a lifetime.

No Special Licensing


Most dump trucks require a special license to operate. Depending on your location, some dump trailers can be operated without the same licensing requirements. If you don’t have many employees with this special license, it can be very inconvenient to plan your projects and drive your dump truck. Invest in versatile equipment that all your employees can use, rather than specialized dump trucks that require costly licensing.

Always check with local requirements before operating your dump trailer. Some areas still require licensing for a dump trailer, particularly for commercial use. While you’re comparing prices for licensing, review the cost of insurance and a title on a dump truck or dump trailer. You may be surprised at the dramatic difference between the two equipment options.

Find an Affordable Dump Trailer for Your Next Project

Explore Millroad dump trailers today to find the best option for your business or personal needs. If you can’t find the perfect dump trailer for your next project, create your own. Select the trailer length, width, and axles you need for uncompromising quality. Avoid an expensive dump truck investment and navigate any jobsite with a practical, affordable dump trailer for your personal or professional projects.