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How a Millroad gooseneck trailer can be put to good use.

How a Millroad Gooseneck Trailer Can be Put to Good Use

When looking for a good trailer, you are not short on options. From deckover options to more conventional selections, many trailer types can suit various purposes and needs. However, when you need a trailer for bigger jobs that offers greater reliability and usability, you’d be remiss in choosing anything other than a gooseneck trailer.

Gooseneck trailers may require a more complex hitch system than other simple hitch designs, but with its enticing long, curved neck, there is a particular draw to the gooseneck design. Still, is the trailer right for you and your needs?

Advantages of a Gooseneck Trailer

Some people scoff at the gooseneck design because of its cumbersome and somewhat inconvenient hitch system. The thing that makes the gooseneck trailer so unique is also one of its most cited drawbacks. The long neck must attach to the bed of a pickup truck or other vehicle, meaning the trailer takes up valuable bed space. Despite the potential drawback, the trailer offers at least three benefits that still make it a worthwhile purchase.

1. Better Stability

Because the gooseneck trailer hitches to the inside of a truck’s bed, more specifically its rear axle, the design is more stable. Bumper hitch trailers actually exert a tremendous amount of leverage and pressure on the hitch point and tow vehicle. The force is a disadvantage should the trailer or vehicle start to swerve. The rear axle can handle more weight and strain, allowing for not only heavier loads but also greater control in potentially dangerous situations.

2. Enhanced Maneuverability

A gooseneck trailer also allows for greater maneuverability because it sits closer to the vehicle than other trailer options. The tow vehicle and hitch pivot work in concert, allowing drivers to make sharper turns.

The improved control is better for backing the trailer into position or making u-turns in tighter spaces. Also, the trailer allows for greater control through more residential areas, like cul-de-sacs.

Some gooseneck trailers also come with a fifth-wheel option. The fifth-wheel connection allows an operator to connect the trailer to a semi-tractor or a truck with a fifth-wheel hitch.

3. Security

Bumper hitch trailers are easy to steal because anyone can install the correct hitch on any vehicle. Thieves know how easy it is to steal these types of trailers, which is why they often make them the target.

A gooseneck trailer requires a specific type of hitch; it also requires appropriate placement. Because of the specificity of the hitch, the trailer is not a common target for thieves.

Also, if you have a neighbour who loves to borrow things, you can rest easy that they likely won’t have a gooseneck hitch. Therefore, you can store your trailer with confidence that no one is going to take it or ask to borrow it.

Uses of a Gooseneck Trailer

If you are looking for gooseneck aluminum trailers for sale, you likely already know how useful the trailers can be. Most people use these versatile trailers to haul heavier loads, like farming equipment, cars, landscaping gear and materials, etc. There is little a gooseneck trailer can’t handle.

Stock Versus Custom Gooseneck Trailers

You are not stuck with the stock gooseneck option either. Working with a trusted trailer manufacturer, you can customize the perfect trailer for your needs. Millroad Manufacturing, a trusted name in the industry, can customize a trailer to fit your specific requirements, ensuring your satisfaction.

If you are in the market for a gooseneck trailer, you want to purchase from one of the most trusted names in Canada. Contact Millroad Manufacturing to discuss available models or to ask about custom trailer options.