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The Benefits of a Gooseneck Trailer

The Benefits of a Gooseneck Trailer

Shopping for a new trailer is one of the most exciting tasks you might tackle this year. Whether you want to tow work equipment or your offroading toys, a gooseneck trailer is likely to be your best bet. They allow you to carry all the gear you need while freeing up space in the truck for your family, friends, the dog or your personal items. Yet, this isn’t the only type of trailer available. So, why is it a better option over a bumper-pull trailer?

1. Easier To Maneuver

Bumper-pull trailers are widely considered the most dangerous towed vehicles on the road. They are more susceptible to wind and can start the dangerous phenomenon of “wagging the dog.” When this happens, the trailer’s unpredictable movements compromise the stability and control of the vehicle towing it by causing the back end to sway from side to side. Gooseneck trailers are far more stable.

When making sharp turns or backing the trailer into a spot, gooseneck trailers also have a much better turning radius than bumper pulls. Some owners say the gooseneck trailers turn less sharply, which gives them more time to take corrective action before the trailer hits something or before the two vehicles’ jackknife.

The better pivot point and easier maneuverability shorten the time it takes to get the trailer parked. Now, you can continue with your workday or your planned day of fun more quickly.

2. Harder To Steal

The main reason bumper pulls are so common on the road is that they are easy to tow from a compatibility standpoint. Virtually anything with the right towing capacity could tow a bumper pull. This could range from pickup trucks to crossovers and even some ATVs. This widens the compatibility of vehicles and tow setups that could haul your trailer away.

With a gooseneck, you need a pickup truck. The truck also requires a special adaptor that mounts to the pickup bed. To add to this, most people who have this set up in the beds of their trucks remove them when not in use because they take up so much space.

Because the number of people with gooseneck attachments installed in their trucks is slim, the likelihood of someone making off with your trailer becomes a much less likely possibility.

3. More Towing Capacity

The top reason people prefer gooseneck trailers is that they are usually bigger and have higher towing capacities. One portion of the trailer extends over the bed of the truck, which is why it’s called a gooseneck. Owners often put shelves in these areas so they can save floor space. Some owners even put workshops and makeshift sleeping quarters inside.

Because the bed of the pickup truck carries a significant portion of the weight, these trailers also tend to have a higher carrying capacity. This provides the perfect opportunity for you to carry more and heavier gear. Instead of bringing an e-Bike, you could bring a motorcycle and an ATV to camp. If the trailer is for work, then being able to haul more materials can save you and your workers time and money.

Consequently, the higher towing capacity is a serious gamechanger. In fact, one gooseneck trailer could easily do the work of two bumper pulls. What an easy way to improve productivity at your business or reduce the need for multiple tow vehicles.

Find or Build Your Gooseneck Trailer

Are you ready to purchase your trailer? You can choose from one of our existing models or our team at Millroad Manufacturing can build a custom trailer to meet your specific needs. Our trailers are made from aluminum and are built to last. In fact, we guarantee the quality of our finished products. Contact us to get started.