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What is a Gooseneck Trailer?

Millroad Manufacturing in Ontario: What is a Gooseneck Trailer?

A gooseneck trailer has a funny name, but a specific purpose. Ask yourself: what is a gooseneck trailer? What do they look like? Simply enough, gooseneck trailers have a long, curved vertical tongue that extends from the front edge of the trailer, up and into the back of a pickup truck. The gooseneck element replaces a traditional sliding hitch. 

Added Stability and Safety

A big advantage of the gooseneck trailer is that its connection to your pickup truck (or another vehicle) is attached to the rear axle of your rig rather than to the bumper. This adds a smoother ride and stable performance when you’re on the road. This means that your trailer will sway less and give you increased control, especially when taking curves and turns. The cargo will also experience a smoother ride and will be less likely to jostle on a bumpy road. 

Your cargo weight can also be considerably heavier with a gooseneck trailer. A bumper is unable to hold as much weight as a rear axle. The ability to add more cargo in a more stable towing arrangement also means that you have to make fewer trips back and forth. 

Customization Options That Meet Your Needs

Gooseneck trailers can be customized to accommodate many different transportation needs and budgets. The basic design is similar across all types of goosenecks, but there are ways to manufacture goosenecks for different purposes such as: 

  • Farm and agriculture hauling
  • Landscape flatbeds
  • Small utility trailers
  • Heavy equipment haulers 

Whatever your needs are, just make sure that you know your vehicle’s Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) and do not exceed its limits. This will ensure the safety of everyone on the road and preserve your trailer’s structural integrity. 

Security Features To Deter Theft

While a traditional flatbed could be unhitched by a thief and attached to almost any vehicle with a tow package, a thief who wants to steal a gooseneck will have to have a truck bed that is already retrofitted for a gooseneck attachment. Additionally, it’s much more cumbersome and visible for a thief to try to remove a gooseneck from someone else’s truck. They have to get inside the bed of the truck, climb onto the frame and may need more than one person to accomplish the theft. All of this attracts attention and uses up valuable time. 

Other security add-ons include GPS tracking devices that can pinpoint the location of a stolen trailer. You can also try wheel chock locks that fit securely around your tires or a well-fitting coupler lock. 

Let Us Help You Find the Perfect Gooseneck Trailer

We are an innovative trailer manufacturer in Ontario that takes pride in helping customers find the right trailer for their needs. We manufacture a number of ready-to-haul aluminum trailers in addition to goosenecks such as: 

  • Tilt trailers
  • Deckovers
  • Flat decks
  • Utility haulers
  • Fifth wheels 
  • Dump trailers

We also customize orders to fit exactly what you need. Visit the gooseneck/fifth-wheel section of our website and scroll down to where it says “Build Your Trailer.” Select the trailer length, width, and axle type that you need. These trailers are longer-lasting and sustain less wear and tear than traditional steel trailers. We can also accessorize your gooseneck with add-ons such as shelves for storage, tie-down anchors, toolboxes, hydraulics, safety lighting, and beaver tails. 

Aluminum trailers are superior to traditional steel haulers because they weigh less, which increases your payload capacity. Aluminum is also resistant to rust and oxidation, saving you money on maintenance costs and repairs. Many customers report that their aluminum trailer lasted longer than the vehicle they attached it to.