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The Challenges Truckers Face When Hauling Flat Deck Trailers

The Challenges Truckers Face When Hauling Flat Deck Trailers

When hauling cargo, flat deck trailers have a number of benefits. They are lighter than covered trailers and they are extremely flexible in terms of what they can haul. However, using a flat deck is not all sunshine and rainbows. Millroad Manufacturing takes safety seriously and we have a solid reputation for high standards of performance and, as many satisfied clients confirm, our trailers stand the test of time. In this blog, we share some significant challenges that can accompany using a flat deck trailer. Many truckers love to hate flat deck trailers, the following difficulties explain why.

Properly Securing Cargo

Both the most interesting and frustrating thing about flat deck trailers is securing the cargo. Since flat decks are very flexible, there are many different ways to secure cargo in place. This can create some fun problem-solving opportunities for the truck drivers managing their cargo. However, it can also require a lot of work and sometimes frustration.

Even in the best case, you can expect to be climbing up and down from the trailer (this is common practice despite health and safety experts warning against it) while you get everything secured. In some more challenging situations, you may have cargo that is awkward to secure. While this may be interesting some of the time, other times it can be immensely frustrating.

Dealing With the Weather

Of course, another characteristic of flat deck trailers is that they are open-air. It may be a fun problem-solving exercise to secure unusual cargo when it is warm and sunny outside. However, when it is pouring rain, freezing cold or punishingly hot, the work is a little less fun.

Plus, you need to consider the cargo itself. Typically, flat decks are only used for cargo that will be mostly unharmed by the weather. Nonetheless, you may need to make some special considerations such as covering cargo with tarpaulins.

Compliance With Various Laws and Regulations

It probably comes as no surprise that you need to secure cargo not only to your standards but also to those of the government. Just because you think something seems secure doesn’t mean it will be considered so by an inspector.

Furthermore, the rules and regulations change depending on what jurisdiction you are in. This is a necessary safety challenge for all types of trucking. However, it tends to be particularly pronounced for hauling cargo with a flat deck trailer.

The Need for Regular Checks

Finally, you will need to check on your cargo frequently. Even with properly secured cargo, it is possible for straps, chains and items to shift around a little while in transit. Thus, you will need to double-check that everything is in good order periodically. Otherwise, you may find yourself in trouble for non-compliance.

Those checks may be needed even when it is raining and freezing cold outside. Having to check that straps are still properly secured when they are freezing up can be a truly unpleasant experience.

The Right Trailer Can Make It Easier

Having the right trailer can make a world of difference. Simply having good systems for securing your cargo can help save time and effort. Plus, with an aluminum flat deck trailer, you will save a significant amount of trailer weight compared to a steel model. The result is that you can haul more cargo. You’ll also have less frustration with trying to ensure that your cargo is within the maximum allowed limit.

Get a High-Quality Aluminum Flat Deck Trailer Today

Driving with a flat deck trailer isn’t all bad. Their lower weight means that you can carry more cargo and earn more money. Additionally, they are well-suited to challenging loads that may also come with increased pay. With the right aluminum flat deck trailer from Millroad Manufacturing, you can enjoy all the benefits of flat deck trailer hauling without so many of the challenges.