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How To Properly Clean Your Millroad Aluminum Trailer

How To Properly Clean Your Millroad Aluminum Trailer

Most people buy our aluminum trailers for work. From landscaping to farming to transporting lumber, it can take a toll on your trailer. This might not seem like a big deal at first, but dirty trailers can affect a company’s branding and make it difficult to notice when your trailer is damaged. Consequently, knowing how to clean aluminum trailers can preserve the trailer’s lifespan. So, how do you accomplish this without spending forever and a day on cleaning tasks?

1. Sweep and Vacuum

When you use your trailer to transport items, they leave dust and debris behind. Getting rid of this is easier than you might think. Get a trash bag and start picking up all the larger items, such as plastic wrappers or even leaves. Then, use an outdoor broom to sweep the trailer out. Be sure to bag any non-organic trash to prevent pollution. If dust is all you need to be concerned about, a quick vacuuming can take care of that.

If you get mud on the inside of the trailer, you might feel tempted to hose it down. However, this could cause damage to the wood inside an enclosed trailer. Instead, it might be a better idea to let the mud dry and sweep it out. For some types of mud, you might need an industrial-styled push broom to get the job done.

2. Hose Down the Exterior

Every once in a while, loads leave a fair share of gunk on the outside of the trailer. In this case, it’s better to tackle the job while it’s still wet. When the mud dries on aluminum it can be difficult to get off without a pressure washer. For this job, you need a hose and good old soap and water. For shorter enclosed trailers, your local drive-through car wash might even allow you to take it through.

If you purchased a taller trailer, be sure to keep ladder safety in mind if you need to get up to the roof. We recommend using mops with extendable handles to reduce the need to get up high. Some people have had remarkable success using Swiffer-styled mops for this job. Be sure to hose down the trailer well enough before soaping it up to ensure you don’t push debris around and damage the paint job.

3. Polish the Exterior

Chances are that your trailer spends most of its lifetime exposed to the elements. Over time, this can cause the colour to fade or cause sun damage. Prevent this from happening by giving your trailer a proper polish, so it maintains that brand-new look for some time to come. Be sure to use a spray or foam polish made specifically for aluminum trailers.

Keep in mind that you might need to wash the trailer before polishing it. In other cases, you might find dry-wash polish. These both clean and polish the trailer, which significantly reduces the amount of work you need to do.

Why Choose Millroad Aluminum Trailers

Trailers are more likely to get dirty and even damaged when owners do not have the specific trailers they need to meet their needs. At Millroad Manufacturing, not only do we provide our dealers with a wide range of trailers, but we also sell custom trailers to meet the specific needs you have in mind. That means, even if you need to be able to hose down the inside between jobs, we can build a trailer to make it possible.

Are you ready to get your hands on a high-quality trailer? Check out our amazing dealers in Ontario that have hundreds of aluminum trailers for sale. You can also contact us directly to get answers to your most pressing questions about our trailers. We look forward to serving you.