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Tips for How to Clean Your Aluminum Trailer

Tips for How To Clean Your Aluminum Trailer

Keep your new custom aluminum trailer looking fresh and ready to haul any load with these routine cleaning steps. Your trailer doesn’t need the same level of maintenance as a steel trailer to keep up with your daily tasks, but it’s still a good idea to periodically sweep, wash and wax it for quality upkeep and years of dependable use.

Why Your Trailer Needs To Be Cleaned

Aluminum is far more resilient to corrosion and is virtually rust free. However, daily dirt, heavy grime and road salt in the winter can all damage your new trailer. These contaminants can affect the look of your trailer and reduce its lifespan. Here are three key reasons to keep your trailer clean:

  • Prevent aluminum oxide
  • Improve your professional appearance
  • Increase resale value

Aluminum oxide builds up on your trailer. It isn’t as devastating as rust on a steel trailer, but over time it can weaken the structure of your custom aluminum trailer. Dirt and other debris can fade the surface of your shiny new trailer and affect its look. This not only makes your trailer look unprofessional but can also reduce its resale value.

Cleaning Tips

Refresh your investment and haul cargo worry-free. Follow these cleaning tips periodically to enjoy a trailer just as shiny as the day you bought it. The timing of common cleaning and care varies, so find out for yourself when it’s time to give it a good washing.

Sweep Away Debris

The most common cleaning step is using a good old-fashioned broom. Sweep out sand, dirt, bark and other debris from the bed of your trailer. This is the easiest way to keep things maintained. It also helps you see every inch of your trailer to spot signs of oxidation or other issues. Try to sweep as often as possible to keep it looking great.

Wash Your Trailer

When a broom just isn’t enough to combat dirt and grime, switch to a hose. Spray down your trailer with a hose or pressure washer to remove caked-on debris. Frequent exposure to water can be a problem for wood floorboards and other components, so only wash it as needed.

Acidic Bath

Take on aluminum oxidation and intense grime with an acidic bath. Hydrofluoric acid or heavy citrus cleaners are the most common cleaners designed to cut through aluminum oxide and other aluminum trailer issues. This intense cleaning process can burn you and cause environmental considerations, so be sure to wear proper protective gear and closely follow cleaning instructions. When in doubt, a professional team would be happy to clean your trailer for you.

Don’t plan on resorting to acid for routine cleaning. An acidic bath every few months is a good maintenance step, but doing so more frequently isn’t typically recommended. Only apply it in a protected area to avoid exposing children and pets to hydrofluoric acid.

Wax Your Trailer

Give your trailer the ultimate luxury experience with a coat of wax. Just like a sports car or new truck, your trailer deserves the best in routine maintenance and a quality shine. Paste wax takes some time to put on, but the results are worth it. Nothing else protects vehicle exteriors and gives the aluminum surface that signature shine you deserve. Check out wax products specifically for aluminum to protect against oxidation.

Enjoy Your Aluminum Trailer for Years To Come

Contact us at Millroad Manufacturing to learn more about typical trailer maintenance. If you aren’t the proud owner of a custom aluminum trailer, browse our selection to find the cargo hauler you need. Take on your DIY project list or upgrade your professional operation with a leading trailer design from our team.