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Choosing the Right Trailer To Haul Your Offroad Vehicles

Choosing the Right Trailer To Haul Your Offroad Vehicles

If you love off-roading, you know the challenges of getting your utility terrain vehicles to the best spots. Fortunately, you can haul your UTV with the right deckover trailer.

Of course, there are plenty of trailer models on the market, and it may not be immediately clear which is the best for you. Fortunately, you can find a brand that meets all your needs with a bit of research.

Steel or Aluminum Deckover Trailer

One of your first decisions is what kind of material is best. Most trailers are made of steel or aluminum, common choices when durability is essential. While these two metals may not look too different on the surface, their chemical composition and characteristics mean they behave very differently out in the wild. 

First, let’s talk corrosion. Aluminum doesn’t rust, which means it can weather wet climates much better than steel. Even “stainless” steel will rust when exposed to moisture and oxygen.

Since steel rusts, you’ll need to put more effort into maintenance. Taking care of a steel trailer can get expensive, especially if you use it often. By contrast, aluminum only needs the occasional acid bath to look new.

What about strength? Isn’t aluminum flimsy compared to steel? When manufacturing trailers, this isn’t necessarily so.

Aluminum trailers are specifically made to compete with steel models, so the metal is mixed with alloys that make it stronger than pure aluminum. When you compare steel and aluminum trailers side-by-side, they have equal strength.

That said, aluminum is lighter than steel, which means your truck won’t have as heavy a load. That means better gas mileage and less strain on your vehicle.

Finally, aluminum is more eco-friendly than steel. If you want to keep your mountains green, choosing an aluminum trailer is the better option.

Enclosed Trailer

Now that we’ve determined that aluminum is the superior material, it’s time to talk about enclosed vs. open trailers. Many off-road enthusiasts prefer the protective qualities of an enclosed model, but there are a few caveats. For example, enclosed trailers tend to be more expensive than open, and they use more material during manufacturing, so they’re also heavier.

However, if you’re planning a long trip, it’s worth investing in an enclosed trailer. The enclosure keeps your UTV safe from weather, thieves and other dangers, which may be worth the initial cost.

Additionally, an enclosed trailer can haul more than UTVs. It’s excellent for portable storage and can easily hold and protect valuable equipment such as lawnmowers and power tools.

If you’ve decided enclosed is the way to go, there are a few things you’ll need to keep in mind as you look for the perfect model:

  • Door height
  • Towing weight
  • Customization options such as graphics and width

Open Trailer

Individuals with a smaller budget will find open trailers work just fine for hauling off-road vehicles. They’re also lighter, which means better fuel economy and less strain on your truck. These factors combine for significant savings.

While you can’t lock an open trailer, you can still use it for other hauling purposes, such as carrying furniture. Of course, you’ll need to strap everything down to ensure it’s safe on the highway.

When you’re not using your open trailer, you can easily store it in a yard or garage. Individuals with limited storage space will appreciate how little area it occupies compared to enclosed models.

Finally, open trailers are easier to maneuver. You won’t have to hold your breath every time you take a turn.

If you’re looking for a deckover trailer for sale, consider a model from Millroad Manufacturing. We make highly durable trailers in a range of configurations, and our products are available through a variety of Ontario dealers. To learn more, give us a call or contact us online.