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Comparing Steel vs Aluminum Trailers

Aluminum vs Steel Trailers: Which Should You Buy?

If you are planning to buy a trailer, you may be wondering what material you need it to be made from. Many traditional trailers are made of steel because it is cheap and strong. However, this may not be the right choice for you in the long run. If you want a trailer that is going to offer you the best value in the long term, you should consider a custom aluminum trailer.

Aluminum Is Lighter Than Steel and That Is a Big Deal

Aluminum is significantly lighter than steel, which is a really important characteristic in a trailer. These are a few of the benefits of having a lighter trailer:

  • Greater Towing Capacity:Gooseneck Trailer MGN28-10

    Every tow vehicle has a maximum capacity it can pull. If you have a heavy, steel trailer, a large chunk of that capacity is used up by the trailer itself. However, with an aluminum trailer, you don’t have to worry about your trailer weight as much. Instead, you can dedicate that capacity to pulling more of your cargo.
  • Improved Hydraulic Lift Performance:

    If you have a hydraulic lift made from aluminum, it can handle a higher cargo capacity and the hydraulic mechanism doesn’t need to lift as much platform weight.
  • Less Wear on the Towing Vehicle:

    Your towing vehicle will have less strain put on it by the aluminum trailer for the same weight in cargo when compared to a steel trailer of the same size. That means that your vehicle will likely last longer with less maintenance.

Aluminum Doesn’t Rust or Rot

Steel needs to be treated to be resistant to rust, rot and corrosion. Aluminum is naturally resistant once it is spun. This is especially significant if you live somewhere where your trailer may get dirty or salty.

Aluminum Is Easy To Work With

Accidents happen and trailers can get damaged and dented. Aluminum is significantly more malleable than steel and can more easily be fixed. Even with significant damage, you can cut a piece off an aluminum trailer and weld in a replacement. A galvanized steel trailer requires grinding before you can weld, and the spot that was ground may rust once it is no longer galvanized.

Aluminum Can Be Low Maintenance Landscape Trailer MS614

When you buy a custom aluminum trailer from Millroad, you are buying a low-maintenance trailer. While not all aluminum trailers are easy to work with, Millroad aluminum trailers are! They have premium axles and suspensions to make them as robust as possible.

Aluminum Can Be as Strong as Steel

When built right, aluminum can be as strong as or stronger than steel. At Millroad, we have spent over 25 years perfecting our methods of building trailers. They have just the right thickness, welding and design to keep them running perfectly. We have also mastered the use of aluminum’s flexibility to make our trailers even more durable.

Aluminum Has Excellent Resale Value

Whether you plan to keep the trailer for a long time or you think you may want to sell it sometime in the future, you can count on Millroad aluminum trailers to keep their value. This can bring peace of mind when selecting an aluminum trailer to meet your needs.

Order Your Millroad Custom Aluminum Trailer

Don’t struggle with a heavy and easily-rusted steel trailer. Instead, choose Millroad’s custom aluminum trailers. As soon as you start using yours, you’ll be glad you chose Millroad. You’ll be even happier when you see the impressive resale value. Place your order today.