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The Benefits Of An Aluminum Flat Deck Trailer

The Benefits Of An Aluminum Flat Deck Trailer

When it comes to buying a flat deck trailer, you have a lot of different options. One of the most important decisions you have to make is what material you want the trailer to be made out of. There are a couple of different choices, and each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Here are some of the benefits of purchasing an aluminum flat deck trailer.

1. Durability

Unlike other metals, such as steel, aluminum isn’t vulnerable to oxidization. This means that it can last for many years without rust or corrosion. It also requires less maintenance than steel trailers to keep it functional.

2. Flexibility

A lot can happen to a trailer out on the road or during loading and unloading. It could get dented or bent out of shape. Depending on the material it is made out of, the dent or bend could remain permanently. However, aluminum is a material that is flexible and malleable. If it gets bent out of shape, it is possible to restore it to its original configuration. In fact, the material may just spring back into shape on its own, with minimal effort on your part.

In addition to being literally flexible, an aluminum flat deck trailer is also versatile enough to handle many different tasks and haul a wide variety of cargo.

3. Strength

It is easy to underestimate the strength of an aluminum trailer, especially if you have ever crushed a pop can in your hand. However, aluminum trailers are made of an alloy in which aluminum is blended with one or more other metals. Aluminum is still the main ingredient, however, which is why the end product is referred to as an aluminum flat deck trailer. Blending the aluminum with other metals makes it stronger without losing all the other benefits it has to offer, such as its durability and flexibility.

4. Weight

The aluminum alloy from which trailers are made is just as strong as steel but considerably lighter. An aluminum flat deck trailer weighs at least 10% less than a steel trailer, with some estimates being as high as 40% lighter. Whenever you are planning to haul anything, you need to factor in the weight of the trailer in addition to the weight of the cargo to ensure it is within the vehicle’s towing capacity. It is easy to make the mistake of forgetting to factor in the trailer’s weight and overload your vehicle in the process. Overloading can cause structural damage to both the trailer and the towing vehicle as well as make maneuvering more difficult due to the dangerous swaying of the trailer while in motion.

The light weight of an aluminum trailer makes it easier for you to tow it, especially if you are using a light-duty pickup, an SUV, or a car. When the trailer weighs less, you also have the capability to load more cargo at once than you would with a heavier trailer.

There are other benefits of a lighter-weight trailer. When the trailer is heavier, the engine of the vehicle that is towing it has to work much harder. This results in decreased fuel efficiency as the engine has to use more. A heavier trailer also puts pressure on the tires, causing them to wear out faster. Buying an aluminum flat deck trailer may save you money on a long-term basis because you don’t have to buy new tires as often. It also decreases the risk of a blowout when you are on the road, a potentially dangerous situation.

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For all the benefits that an aluminum trailer has to offer, we know that it can be difficult to find one that meets all your needs. We can help you design your own custom trailer and then manufacture it according to your specifications. Start building your flat deck trailer today.