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The Benefits of Utility Trailer

The Benefits of Utility Compared to Cargo Trailers for Your Landscaping Business

So, you’ve decided to buy a trailer for your landscaping business. That’s a wise decision, but which one should you buy? Is it better to buy a utility trailer or a cargo trailer? Will you need to start looking at custom trailers to get everything on your list? Consider your options carefully before making a decision. That will significantly reduce the risk of you needing to purchase a second trailer within the year.

What Are Utility Trailers?

These trailers feature an open bed and come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Some are just small enough to carry a lawnmower and small tools. Others are large enough and have a high enough weight rating to carry entire trees. Configurations to consider include the number of axles and whether it is a deckover or Fender-style trailer.

Pros of Utility Trailers

Professionals commonly use utility trailers on farms and in the logging business. They have also become staples in the landscaping business for the following reasons:

  • Utility trailers tend to cost less than cargo trailers, which makes them more accessible for new business owners.
  • Utility trailers tend to feature much higher weight capacities than smaller cargo trailers, which is essential for bigger jobs.
  • Open trailer beds are much better for hauling trees, tree limbs and old outdoor furniture.
  • Open trailer beds are easier to access from virtually all sides, which makes them an excellent option for cleanup jobs involving multiple workers.
  • Landscapers don’t need to worry about clearance height when parking the utility trailer inside garages for the off-season.

Cons of Utility Trailers

The ease of access can quickly become a downside to utility trailers as theft can occur. Items are also left exposed to the elements. However, you can easily secure items to the trailer, secure them in locked sheds or park the trailer inside a warehouse or garage.

What Are Cargo Trailers?

These are enclosed trailers that also come in a wide range of sizes and configurations. Some feature ramps, windows, extra doors and varying ceiling heights. Because of the larger surface area, you might also have a wider range of colours and overall decor to choose from.

Pros of Cargo Trailers

When it comes to security, the cargo trailer is the preferred option. It keeps equipment safe from not just potential theft but also from the elements. This makes it ideal for storing expensive equipment, especially if you don’t have a garage or warehouse to store the trailer.

You also have more room on the outside of the cargo trailer to advertise your business. This makes it your very own billboard sign as you drive through town. Inside, the walls provide an excellent opportunity for organizing your smaller landscaping tools by hanging them up.

Cons of Cargo Trailers

The biggest downside for cargo trailers is the cost. They are far more expensive than utility trailers. In addition to this, the enclosed nature creates size restrictions for the cargo. You can carry taller items in a utility trailer or have items hang out of the trailer. However, an enclosed space provides very strict parameters for height, width and length.

Should You Buy a Cargo or Utility Trailer?

Utility trailers are almost always the go-to option for landscaping businesses. Owners get more flexibility and higher weight capacities. Even so, before you purchase your utility trailer, it’s important to spend some time narrowing down additional factors. These include size, tie-down points, tool racks, axles, ramps and lighting options. If you have a very specific idea of what you need, consider custom trailer options. At Millroad Manufacturing, we can create custom trailers for any landscaping job you have in mind. In fact, our high-quality utility trailers are trusted by landscaping companies all across Canada. Contact us today for more information.