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The Importance of Securing Your Cargo Properly

The Importance of Securing Your Cargo Properly

Nothing ruins a road trip or commercial drive like losing a few items off your trailer. Properly securing your cargo is a crucial step in recreational and commercial hauling. Find out why it’s necessary to use the right cargo straps and weight distribution steps with your trailer. Shop for custom cargo trailers at Millroad Manufacturing to prepare for a safe haul.

Create Proper Weight Distribution

Lopsided loads are dangerous for many reasons. Take your time when loading it up and make sure it’s well balanced before hitting the road. This means keeping a similar weight from side to side and putting approximately 60% of the weight in the front. The remaining 40% in the back evens out your load and keeps your trailer easy to maneuver.

It’s easy to explain the 60/40 rule, but it takes some time to properly follow. A large load is difficult to balance perfectly, but use your weight estimates to try to hit this goal. When in doubt, hook up your trailer and go for a small drive before heading out on your trip. You may be able to feel your trailer wandering or other unsafe issues before you pick up speed.

Use the Right Gear

A secure load isn’t just well balanced but is also strapped down. Even the heaviest items should be safely tied to your trailer using one of these items:

  • Tie-down straps
  • Bungee cords
  • Cargo nets
  • Tarps
  • Chains

The exact safety gear needed to secure your items depends on your trailer and your load. Inspect your trailer for proper tie-down points, and consider your usual loads as you shop for a custom trailer to be sure you have the right side walls and tie-down points for your transportation needs.

Remember to review the load limit of your straps, chains and bungee cords. These items all have maximum loads, You don’t want to hear a cord snap as you’re headed out to work or a weekend vacation. When in doubt, add an additional strap for reinforcement.

Avoid Flying Objects

An improperly tied-down object, or an object that isn’t secured at all, can quickly become a projectile. This is true whether you have side walls or not. In most cases, it’s against the law to drive with an improperly loaded trailer. You’ll be liable not only for the litter but also for any damage caused by debris, mattresses or other objects falling out of your trailer.

A common mistake is to throw a strap over a number of items without considering each item. You may have secured the top item, but make sure your straps are secure enough to prevent loose items underneath sliding out as you drive.

Prevent Trailer Damage

Your Millroad Manufacturing trailer may be capable of carrying heavy loads, but you seriously strain its design when you improperly load it. Putting too much weight at the back, or too much weight, in general, can cause unnecessary strain on your trailer. Loads that aren’t balanced side to side can also cause trailer frame damage and cause it to wander as you drive.

Review the maximum load limit of your trailer and your vehicle. Just because you have everything strapped down, doesn’t mean it isn’t an unsafe load. Inspect the entire load and trailer to look for maintenance issues or improperly secured points.

Secure Your Cargo With the Right Millroad Manufacturing Trailer

A properly secured load is essential for your trailer. If your trailer isn’t capable of hauling the load you need, or doesn’t have enough tie-down points, check out custom cargo trailers by Millroad Manufacturing. Compare our trailer types today and ask about ways to improve the safety of your next trip.