How Your Dump Trailer can Help Your Make Some Extra Money This Spring

How Your Dump Trailer can Help Your Make Some Extra Money This Spring

Your Millroad Manufacturing trailer is a dependable tool on the job. After clocking out and leaving the job site, why not get more out of your trailer this spring? Find out how you can make some extra money by performing essential jobs for your friends and neighbours. Put your trailer to use or shop for a dump trailer for sale today.

Remove Snow

Snow can really pile up around your driveway. A snow blower or plow can move it out of the way to get to your garage or driveway, but these tools can’t easily remove snow piles from your yard. Take these inconvenient mounds of snow away with your dump trailer. Offer this service to neighbours and community members. This service can avoid creating blinds spots around driveways due to high snowbanks.

A dump trailer works best for this project, but a landscape trailer can also be effective. Be sure you have a safe place to haul and dump snow away from a driveway. A flatbed or deckover trailer may be handy for work projects and hauling equipment, but you need a trailer with side walls to safely haul snow, landscaping fill or other loose items.

Move Furniture

There are many reasons that individuals and families might move to your area. Here are just a few situations where a trailer might be needed for hauling furniture and other bulky items;

  • Moving to college
  • Purchasing a house
  • Moving to a new community
  • Retiring
  • Updating furniture

You’ll save money on these tasks yourself since you won’t have to rent a trailer. You can then assist other members of your community by offering your services and your trailer. Pack up furniture to move across town or even further. Community members without a truck and trailer have few options for safely transporting furniture, which means this is a great opportunity for some side income and community service.

Transport Landscaping Fill

Take on a DIY project you’ve been avoiding or help a neighbour do the same. Dirt, sod and rocks are often more affordable by the yard, rather than the bag. Help haul these materials to a job site with your dump trailer. You can help a friend save money or can charge a reasonable rate for hauling landscaping fill for your community.

Haul Garbage

Many homeowners have large, unwanted items on their property. These items take up space and are often difficult to remove without a trailer. Here are just a few common items that you may be able to help homeowners safely remove:

  • Old tires
  • Yard waste
  • Scrap metal
  • Old construction materials
  • Broken appliances
  • Damaged furniture

These bulky items are often difficult to send to recycling or garbage areas without the use of a trailer. Local trash service providers may charge extra fees or may be unwilling to remove these items. This represents an excellent opportunity for you to earn some cash and clean up your neighbourhood.

Offer your waste removal services and take items to the waste station or recycling center. In some cases, you may be able to sell unwanted items for a profit. Ask used furniture and appliance stores about unwanted items or send scrap metal to the junkyard to receive the price per pound of scrap metal.

Help Out Your Community and Earn Some Cash With Your Trailer

If you already have a trailer for your work projects or DIY tasks, then it doesn’t take much to start earning money on the side with your Millroad Manufacturing trailer. Put your trailer to use or shop for a dump trailer for sale today. Compare trailer types to find the best equipment for the job. Grow your side business and help out your community with a dependable aluminum trailer built for a wide range of projects.