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What size dump trailer

What Size Dump Trailer Do I Need?

Prepare for your next workday or weekend adventure with the right dump trailer. These versatile pieces of equipment can help you tackle a number of professional, DIY and recreational tasks, so it’s important to invest in the right trailer size and design. Explore the features that can help you decide on the right size trailer from Millroad Manufacturing today.

Length and Width

When you think of size, you’re probably considering the length and width of your trailer. Length is one of the most customizable features on your trailer. Dump trailers can be between 8 and 20 feet long. Once you choose a length, your trailer will be between 5 feet and 101 inches wide.

Consider common uses for your trailer to help you find the right length and width. If you’re hauling scrap metal, dirt or mulch, find out how many yards each size can carry. A trailer with too small of a capacity can add extra trips to your workday

Larger items, like ATVs, snowmobiles and skid steers, can also be carried on a dump trailer with a suitable weight rating. Check the dimensions of your vehicles to see what size trailer it would take to carry one, two or three ATVs. Your trailer is a significant investment, so make sure it’s capable of handling all your recreational tasks after a long week of work.

Weight Rating

Don’t overload your dump trailer. The weight rating is another size feature that you need to monitor carefully. This depends on the number of axles your trailer has and their given weight ratings. Overloading your trailer can damage axles, blow tires and make an unsafe driving experience, so consider the weight of a typical load and check out the various weight ratings on dump trailer lengths before buying the right one.

Tow Capacity

Is your truck ready for a 20-foot fully loaded dump trailer? A loaded trailer can be a taxing load for smaller trucks, so check out what length and weight of a trailer you’re capable of hauling before going overboard on the largest size available. Matching your trailer and your truck or SUV keeps you safe on the road.

Common Dump Trailer Projects

A common mistake that first-time trailer buyers make is to pick up a trailer that’s only designed for a single purpose. It’s easy to forget how versatile dump trailers are, so you may pick up the ideal workhorse only to find out that it won’t fit your pair of ATVs. Here are some common items that you can transport with a Millroad Manufacturing trailer:

  • Topsoil, gravel, scrap metal and other construction materials
  • Heavy equipment for the job site
  • Recreational vehicles
  • Camping gear
  • Household items
  • Yard debris and other garbage

The tall sides of a dump trailer make it easy to carry loose items. Fill up landscaping or construction materials and haul them to your next job site. A Millroad Manufacturing trailer is made out of rust-free aluminum alloy, so you won’t have to worry about rust issues as you transport damp mulch or topsoil.

Heavy equipment requires a heavy-duty trailer. Load up your work equipment or adventure gear, and strap it down in a dump trailer. You’ll need to bring along ramps to safely load and unload your items. Once you unload your equipment, fill up your dump trailer with job site debris for a multipurpose tool.

Size Up Your New Dump Trailer at Millroad Manufacturing

Explore dump trailers today at Millroad Manufacturing. Compare sizes, number of axles and other features before adding custom accessories to make it your own. Enjoy a reliable workhorse that keeps up with your truck and gives you the transportation space you need for any project.