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Common Uses For a Millroad Utility Trailer

Common Uses For a Millroad Utility Trailer

A utility trailer may seem like a luxury at first, but most people come to rely on their trailer for many more uses than you ever imagined. You’ll come to love your Millroad utility trailer. Landscape trailers are popular because they sit low to the ground, making them easy to load and unload. Your trailer will keep the mess out of your pickup. Most of our utility trailers can be moved by hand because they’re so light. You’ll be able to take the trailer into hard-to-reach places where you can’t get your vehicle, so you’ll get more done. Here are five common jobs for your landscape trailer.

Debris and Trash Cleanup

Spring cleaning is easier with a utility trailer from Millroad Manufacturing. While you’re pruning branches, just load them on the trailer to haul away when the job is done. Cleaning out the garage? Put the trash bags in the back of the trailer to take to the dump. Got a bunch of recycling that needs to be taken to the recycling center? Get help loading in the trailer and get the clutter out of your home, yard and garage.

Moving Furniture

Moving trucks can get expensive when you have to rent one for a weekend. If you don’t reserve one in time, you may not even get one on your schedule. Use your utility trailer to move furniture from the college dorm back home. Take furniture to your new house without worrying about paying movers and renting a moving truck. Do it on your schedule with a utility trailer that is available to you any day or night. 

Haul Sports Equipment

Our utility trailers are sturdy enough to haul all types of power sports equipment, ATVs, dirt bikes and more. It’s a cost-effective way to get your canoe to the river without a lot of hassle. You may even want to load up your camping equipment in the trailer to give you more room in your SUV for kids and pets. We can help you find the extras that make loading your equipment easy and safe.

Get Your Lawn Care Supplies Where You Need Them

Need to take your lawnmower to your mom’s house to keep up with her garden? Are you hauling landscaping supplies to a workplace? Maybe you’re starting a landscaping business. Your utility trailer can do it all. The Millroad Manufacturing team customizes trailers to organize your tools and transport equipment safely and efficiently if that’s all you plan to use your trailer for. Take advantage of our knowledge to find a utility trailer that fits your needs.

Haul Supplies

If you’re seeing a theme, you wouldn’t be wrong. Utility trailers are great for hauling anything. If you’re in construction, you can carry materials from job to job. We have many farmers who use tandem utility trailers to haul animal feed or even manure around their property. Got a huge order from that box store? Put it in a utility trailer without missing a beat.

Select the Trailer That You Need

We have a huge inventory of utility and landscape trailers for sale. You can select the size, shape and number of axels that you want. We can customize the trailer for your needs. Add side railings or a trailer winch. Tell us what you need a trailer for and let our team show you want you can get. You can also choose the type of braking system you want. We try to make your trailer to your specifications.

Check out our selection of landscape trailers. Let us offer advice about what trailer will suit your needs and help you plan your customizations.