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Find The Right Equipment Trailer For You

Find The Right Equipment Trailer For You

Trailers are handy items to have on hand, but they are an investment. Choosing the right one for your needs is key to having one that you’ll use day after day or letting it sit in your garage. Knowing what your options are and how you plan to use the trailer are important before you start shopping. Millroad Manufacturing can help you get the deckover trailer that fits your needs.

What Cargo Do You Want To Haul?

There are many trailers that can be used in multiple ways, but you should still think about the main way you want to use your trailer. Hauling mowers and landscaping equipment are much different than carrying construction tools and lumber. At Millroad Manufacturing, we can help you find the perfect trailer with accessories that fit your needs. We can add racks and shelves to the trailer. You can have a work area built into the trailer. We can even include specialized lighting to make your trailer fit your needs.  

How Much Weight Do You Want to Haul?

A trailer is designed to handle a certain amount of weight. Overdo it and you risk cracking the axles of the trailer or breaking the frame, which means you can’t use it any longer. You should think about what you plan to haul around when choosing a trailer. It’s usually better to overestimate your needs and go with a trailer that is bigger and sturdier than you think you’ll use.  

What Kind of Vehicle Do You Use?

Most vehicles have the capability to tow a trailer. The problem isn’t whether your vehicle can handle the trailer, it’s whether your vehicle can handle the weight of the load. Check the towing capacity of your vehicle. If you try to tow heavy loads above what your vehicle can manage, it can burn out the transmission and damage the engine.

What Types of Trailers Are For Sale?

There are many types of trailers that can suit your needs.

  • Landscape/utility trailer – multi-purpose trailers with rails and racks to hold equipment. We use aluminum to construct landscape trailers to be stored inside or outside with rusting.
  • Flatdeck trailer – this trailer has a flatbed between the wheels of the trailer. The platform is close to the ground, making it easy to load.
  • Deckover trailer – a deckover trailer is similar to a flatbed, except that the deck sits above the wheels, which gives you more loading space and ground clearance. The deck is wider and longer than a flatdeck trailer.
  • Dump trailers – if you haul soil or gravel that needs to be tipped out of the trailer, a dump trailer can suit your needs. You can also use this trailer to haul equipment.
  • Gooseneck trailer – this type of trailer is designed for higher weights, so it’s more often used in professional settings.
  • Tilt trailers – this type of trailer has a deck that can be tilted to allow for easier on- and off-loading. You can raise and lower the deck when loading cargo. Return it to its normal setting, tie the load down and be on your way.

Find the Right Trailer at Millroad Manufacturing

MIllroad Manufacturing is a leader in trailer manufacturing in Canada. Check out our selection of trailers if you’re looking for a deckover trailer for sale. We can custom-make your trailer to fit your needs. Our team can help you craft a trailer that stands up to your jobs. We’ll walk through the different options, sizes, brakes, axle ratings, walls and ramps to make sure the trailer fits your hauling needs. Contact us to get started making your trailer your own.