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Why Buy a Millroad Aluminum Trailer From McNab Acres

Why Buy a Millroad Aluminum Trailer From McNab Acres?

The decision to buy a trailer for your business or personal needs is not always an easy one. You have many equipment options, price points, and mechanical nuances to consider. Rest assured, however, that the industry experts at McNab Acres have fully vetted Millroad as the best aluminum trailer manufacturer for your trucking needs. We are here to help you make a decision that you feel good about. Read below for more details. 

Why Buy From McNab Acres?

McNab Acres is the only manufacturer of Millroad aluminum trailers in the Niagara area. Save yourself time and money by not having to drive 225km to Woodham, or 550 km to Nepean. They carry six of Millroad’s most popular options:

Utility trailers – for landscaping and general use

Flat decksfor hauling equipment

Dump trailers – for landscape supply delivery

Deck oversfor landscaping and equipment hauling

Fifth wheels – for hauling heavy equipment

Tilt trailers for easily loading and unloading wheeled equipment.

Millroad will customize any trailer to your needs, but we keep these popular prefab options in stock regularly. 

Why Not Buy a Traditional Steel Trailer? What Is So Great About Aluminum?

Many people buy traditional steel trailers. Keep reading, though, and consider the following unique benefits that aluminum offers:

  • Weighs less for towing, which drives down your fuel cost, and increases your ability to take on more weight. 
  • Anti-corrosive properties, which means you don’t have to worry about repainting every 3 – 4 years due to rust and weatherization. 
  • Higher resale value and durability over time. Steel loses value quickly due to breakage on its heavy axles and base.
  • The quality of craftsmanship among Canadian suppliers is superior to other manufacturers overseas, and you can feel good about supporting the local labour economy. 
  • Extra attention to detail in welds, joints, and ramp clips that are often overlooked by other manufacturers. 

Is Aluminum as Strong as Steel?

Not always, but fortunately, Millroad has spent 25 years perfecting their aluminum construction techniques to be just as strong as steel. They have done hundreds of experiments with varying weights and thicknesses, aerodynamics, balance, design, and welding in order to give you a sturdy, lightweight trailer.

Aluminum is also much easier to repair and more cost-effective when compared with steel. Galvanized steel is a far less malleable metal, meaning that it requires labour-intensive grinding before you can weld in a replacement connection. Not only this, but after grinding and welding, it is more likely to rust and create gaps because it is no longer galvanized. With aluminum, you just cut off the broken piece and weld in a new part. 

What Makes Millroad an Outstanding Aluminum Trailer Manufacturer?

Millroad has been in business since 2004. They offer a 5-year warranty on all their products, and their trailers are 100% designed and manufactured in Canada. Most important, Millroad offers numerous customization options, which we make available to you as well. Whether you are looking to install a custom toolbox, metal shelving fixtures, various styles of floor ties and anchors, LED lighting, or racks for ladders, canoes, and bicycles, Millroad does all this and more, using premium, low-maintenance aluminum. 

Brakes are also a commonly customizable component of your new trailer. Some customers prefer electronic braking and the reliable circuitry it provides. Others go for hydraulics to avoid the need for an electric actuator. Our many dealers throughout Ontario are happy to discuss with you specific braking options and other custom features to fit your needs.