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Deckover or Flatdeck Trailer

Deckover Or Flatdeck: What Is Better For Your Business?

In the dynamic world of landscaping and construction, choosing the right equipment can be the crux of a flourishing business.

Critical decisions need to be made, such as selecting the best trailer type for your unique needs. Will you be better served by a deckover or a flatdeck trailer? Much like a well-planned strategy, the best choice hinges on a diversity of factors, as both types have their distinct advantages.

Today, we delve into these two popular trailer types, evaluating their benefits to help you establish which of the two will be a better fit for your operations and inform your buying process. Moreover, we’ll highlight your best option for obtaining the quality trailer you need. Ready to explore your options? Let’s get started. 

What are the Key Differences Between a Deckover and a Flatdeck?

Deckover and flatdeck trailers can seem pretty similar at a glance, but they each have their unique benefits and characteristics that make them suitable for diverse applications. 

Deckover Trailers 

Deckover trailers, as the name implies, have a deck that extends over the wheels. The advantage here is that they provide a wider space for carrying loads. This can be a critical benefit for businesses that often carry bulky or wide equipment, materials, or machinery. Other advantages of deckover trailers include their greater stability due to the low centre of gravity, and their versatility – they can carry nearly anything within their weight limit. 

In addition to these benefits, deckover trailers also tend to have higher weight capacities when compared to other trailer types. This greater capacity makes it an ideal choice for hauling heavy machinery or materials in sectors like construction and landscaping.

Flatdeck Trailers 

Flatdeck trailers, on the other hand, come with a deck that’s level with the wheels, providing a lower loading height advantage. This feature makes them ideal for businesses that move heavy equipment or goods that need to be loaded and unloaded with a forklift. They are typically straightforward to load from any side, which can be a significant benefit for businesses with less predictable loading conditions. 

Flatdecks also handle a wide range of weights and can be customized to meet specific business needs. Custom flatdecks can incorporate features such as drop-decks, gooseneck hitches, or built-in ramps to accommodate unique loading and unloading requirements. 

What are the Specific Benefits of Using a Deckover Trailer for Landscaping and Construction Businesses?

Deckover trailers have a distinctive design which bestows several critical benefits that could effectively streamline your business operations. By being constructed with their body over the wheels, they provide a full-width, flat surface which significantly increases the usable deck space. This additional space can be pivotal for landscaping and construction businesses that frequently need to transport large loads or bulky equipment. 

  • Increased Load Capacity: Deckovers often boast a higher GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating), allowing them to handle heavier payloads than many other trailer configurations. This is beneficial if your business frequently transports hefty materials or heavy-duty equipment. In particular, this makes them an excellent choice for businesses in the landscaping and construction industries where the transport of large machinery or substantial amounts of materials is common.
  • Greater Stability: With a wider deck, deckover trailers offer greater stability for wider loads. They are less prone to tipping which results in safer and more secure transportation. This enhanced stability enables businesses to transport larger, bulkier loads with less risk, thereby improving operational efficiency and cutting down on potential accidents.
  • Versatility: Deckovers are available in a variety of lengths and widths, and they can also feature removable sides, making it easier to load and unload materials and equipment. The width of the deck also allows for larger, wider equipment to be transported without overhanging. Additionally, this versatility potentially saves you time and money by allowing for more effective organization and transportation of resources.

In a business where safety, capacity, and versatility are paramount, a deckover trailer can certainly be a major asset. Nevertheless, it is important to also consider the benefits of a flatdeck trailer to ensure you are making the most informed decision for your business. Weighing the pros and cons and considering your specific needs is the key to choosing the right trailer that will serve your business best.

What are the Specific Benefits of Using a Flatdeck for Landscaping and Construction Businesses?

The flatdeck trailer possesses certain specific benefits that make it ideally suited to landscaping and construction businesses. Firstly, let’s acknowledge its versatile loading options. Whether it’s large pallets of materials, awkwardly shaped landscaping pieces, or sizable construction machinery, a flatdeck is equipped to handle it all. The lack of side rails or walls on this design ensures that loading and unloading are simple, fast, and efficient. 

Deckover or Flatdeck Trailer

  • Load Versatility: Flatdecks offer versatile loading options suitable for wide, lengthy or bulky items. Their design inherently supports the significant weight and awkward dimensions that are typical to the construction and landscaping industries – from heavy equipment and materials to large, shaped landscaping structures. Moreover, their open design eliminates the need for multiple trips, thus enhancing efficiency and saving time.
  • Ease of Loading: Their side-less design allows for easy access from all sides, making the loading and unloading process fast and efficient. This ease-of-access feature presents a notable advantage for businesses with frequent loading and unloading needs. Furthermore, this is beneficial for businesses with materials of varying sizes, as the open accessibility of a flatdeck trailer can accommodate such diversity with ease.
  • Multipurpose: For businesses needing a versatile trailer, a flatdeck’s design is inherently adaptable to a range of purposes. This can include transport of small-scale machinery, materials for work site delivery, or large item transfers. Its broad and flat surface with no sides, enables easy loading and unloading of oversized cargo, making it a go-to choice for businesses with diverse logistical needs.

Unsurprisingly, these benefits contribute to the overall productivity, efficiency, and smooth functioning of both landscaping and construction businesses. Our team recognizes this and offers custom flatdeck options, carefully crafted to meet your individual business requirements.

Which Trailer Option is More Suitable for Hauling Heavy Equipment in the Landscaping and Construction Industry?

As a business in the landscaping or construction industry, the kind of trailer you select for your operations could significantly impact efficiency and overall productivity. After exploring deckover and flatdecks, you may still be wondering which option is superior. Let’s make that decision a little easier. 

While both flatdeck and deckover trailers have their advantages, the most suitable choice for your business depends on your specific needs and circumstances. Here’s a quick comparison: 

Trailer Type



Deckover Better for larger loads, more ground clearance, easier to load/unload Higher center of gravity, potentially limiting stability for certain loads
Flatdeck Offers versatility, lower load height providing better stability for top-heavy items Lower ground clearance, larger turning radius

Note that these pros and cons can change based on various factors, including the particular model being considered. 

It can be argued that a deckover trailer is superior for hauling larger, more bulky items, especially in the construction industry where large equipment and machinery are frequently transported. The additional ground clearance provided by deckover trailers can also prove beneficial on uneven terrain or job sites. However, the higher load height could potentially compromise stability for certain loads. 

On the other hand, a flatdeck is highly versatile and can accommodate a wide range of cargo types, which can be advantageous, particularly in the landscaping industry. The lower load height of a flatdeck can offer increased stability for top-heavy loads, but a potential downside is the larger turning radius, which could pose challenges in tight areas. 

Considering these factors, we believe that businesses in the landscaping and construction industries can greatly benefit from both deckover and flatdecks, and the decision ultimately comes down to the specific requirements of your operations. 

Our team is dedicated to providing the best solutions to meet your specific needs. Not only do we offer high-quality, durable deckover and flatdeck trailers, but we also offer custom flatdeck options tailored to your unique requirements. This service, coupled with our exceptional customer support, secures our position as the ideal choice for your business trailer needs.

Choosing the Right Trailer for Your Business 

The choice between a deckover and a flatdeck largely depends on your unique business needs. If your business frequently deals with wide loads, a deckover trailer may be the better choice due to its wider deck. However, if your company often moves heavy goods, a flatdeck trailer’s lower loading height and easy access from any side could prove beneficial. 

Ultimately, the best way to determine which trailer type suits your business needs is to talk with trailer professionals who can guide you through the choice. We are there to assist you in making an informed decision, offering expert advice and quality products to meet your business’s unique needs.

Millroad Manufacturing: Your Trusted Partner for Quality Trailers 

With our commitment to quality and a keen understanding of the unique demands of the landscaping and construction industries, Millroad Manufacturing is here to help you make an educated and beneficial choice for your business. So, why wait? Contact one of our dealers or check out our inventory of deckover and flatdeck trailers online. Trust your business operations with us – we promise you won’t regret it.