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Flatdeck Trailer

4 Ways Businesses Can Make Use of a Millroad Flat Deck Trailer

A flat deck trailer contains an open bed with many tie-down and loading options. Also, the hauling tool can manage significant loads without issue or strain, making it ideal for many commercial industries.

Millroad Manufacturing offers various flatbed trailers to suit your business needs. If you cannot find one to fit your specifications, the service also offers custom solutions.

Whatever your trade, Millroad flatbed trailers can benefit your business. Discover the four common uses of trailers in various commercial industries.

4 Ways To Use a Millroad Flat Deck Trailer in Your Business

A flatbed trailer is a unique piece of hauling equipment. Unlike some standard trailers, flat decks sit over the wheel wells, allowing easy access to the bed for loading and unloading. Also, without obstructions along the perimeter of the deck, owners can effectively tie a haul down to any part of the trailer, ensuring secure transport.

The versatility of the trailers makes them ideal for several industries and jobs. According to industry insiders, flatbeds are often used within four sectors or industries.

1. Transporting Oil and Gas Rigs

The gas and oil industries are experiencing a significant boom in many states. The increase in activity means a greater need for oil and gas rigs. Flatbed trailers play a critical role in the construction and tear down of such rigs.

The trailers are essential to the transportation of raw materials, such as steel and completed portions of rigs. Because the trailers can handle heavier loads, construction crews can make fewer trips to sites, helping reduce the industry’s carbon footprint. 

2. Moving Scrap Metals

A flat deck trailer is an ideal hauling vehicle for unwieldy scrap metal and similar recyclable materials. Not only does the load capacity of these trailers allow the hauling of large amounts of material, but they also help keep the materials organized and secure because of their layout and design.

Most scrap metal does not need protection from the elements, so a flatbed trailer is an excellent hauling option. Materials like old refrigerators and piping are hard to transport in more confined trailers and easy to accommodate on an open flat deck.

3. Transporting Construction Equipment and Materials

The construction industry benefits tremendously from flat deck trailers. Companies can use the trailers to haul large, heavy, and awkward equipment — equipment that is difficult to drive on typical roadways. 

Also, flatbeds are excellent options for hauling various building and construction materials, such as piping, lumbar, and even prefab buildings. The trailers allow for the loading and hauling of some of the most bulky and long materials, items that don’t fit other enclosed trailer options.

4. Hauling Landscaping Items and Materials

The landscaping and agricultural industries can also benefit from a flatbed trailer. Those within the industries often need to haul large equipment or materials, such as backhoes or full-grown trees.

Custom aluminum trailers for sale, including flat deck options, common in many lengths and sizes. Whether you’re a neighbourhood landscaping service looking for a flatbed for your riding lawnmower and various tools or an agricultural behemoth looking for a trailer to haul massive farming equipment, flat deck options from Millroad Manufacturing have you covered.

Check Out a Millroad Flat Deck Trailer for Your Business

A flat deck trailer is a versatile piece of hauling equipment for many industries and jobs. Whether you are in the oil, construction, agricultural, or landscaping business, a flatbed trailer is for you.

Contact Millroad Manufacturing to discuss flat deck options and possible custom solutions for your business needs. Also, consider visiting a local retailer to view Millroad offerings in person.