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Dump Trailer

Millroad Dump Trailer Maintenance 101: Tips To Keep It In Good Condition

A dump trailer’s open box bed and lifting mechanism make it one of the most useful trailers for various industries, including landscaping, farming, and construction. With the proper care, a dump trailer can last an owner between 10 and 20 years.

Dealers in Ontario cannot stress enough the importance of routine and seasonal maintenance on your trailer. Skilled and knowledgeable owners may handle basic upkeep, but more intricate and involved processes should be left to professionals.

5 Trailer Maintenance Tips From Dealers in Ontario

Anyone looking for a dump trailer for sale should invest time in learning the ins and outs of maintenance. Poor maintenance can result in rust, damage, and premature wear on a trailer, meaning owners will not get the expected service life from the equipment.

As a respected trailer dealer and manufacturer, Millroad Manufacturing created a list of five maintenance tips for dump trailer owners. If you currently own or expect to purchase a dump trailer, read through the maintenance expectations thoroughly and ask a service representative any questions for clarification.

1. Greasing

Regular greasing is crucial to trailer performance. Most trailers will need thorough greasing every 10,000 to 12,000 miles.

For your dump trailer, you want to focus on greasing the kingpins and cylinder. Also, it’s important to lubricate the axle bushings and S-cams.

Check the hub caps and pivot blocks. Damaged caps can contaminate freshly greased bearings. Metal-on-metal contact on the pivot blocks can cause premature wear.

2. Cleaning

As all dealers in Ontario will explain to customers, cleanliness is essential to trailer longevity and performance. As an owner of a dump trailer, maintaining a clean trailer is challenging. Dump trailers usually need cleaning after every haul, especially in landscaping, farming, or construction trades.

While keeping the dump container clean is important, owners also want to focus on washing down all components and mechanisms, including under the container and in the wheel wells. A clean trailer has a reduced risk of rust and premature aging.

3. Checking Brakes

As with greasing, trailer brakes require frequent maintenance. The brakes, especially the drums and magnets, need inspection at least once every 12,000 miles.

Brake shoes require more frequent inspections. The shoes usually require adjustment after the first 200 miles and likely additional adjustment every 3,000 miles after. For inexperienced owners, bringing your trailer to an experienced manufacturer or mechanic is best.

4. Inspecting Lights and Signals

Even custom trailers require lights and signals to ensure safe operation on active roadways. Before any outing or job, trailer operators must check a trailer’s brake lights and signals, ensuring correct connections and operations.

5. Assessing Wheel Bearings

Wheel bearings are an essential element of brake operations. Damaged, loose, or worn bearings can cause brakes to grab. It is vital to assess wheel bearings every 6,000 miles or six months.

With the trailer hoisted onto appropriate jacks, owners should check the wheels for side-to-side looseness or wobble. If wheels present with either issue, the bearings may need replacing. Take the trailer to get serviced.

Trust One of the Most Beloved Dealers in Ontario

Dump trailers are among the most versatile and valuable trailers on the market. A trailer can last many years of active use with proper care and maintenance.

Practical and regular maintenance includes greasing, cleaning, and assessing the brakes, lights, signals and wheel bearings routinely. If you do not feel qualified to handle the maintenance, get the trailer serviced.

If you are in the market for a new dump trailer, contact Millroad Manufacturing, one of the most respected dealers in Ontario. The retailer can help you with all your trailer needs.