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Here's Why a Millroad Dump Trailer Makes the Job Easier

Here’s Why a Millroad Dump Trailer Makes the Job Easier!

Haul loads with confidence thanks to the precision engineering and quality materials of a Millroad dump trailer. At Millroad Manufacturing, we don’t just crank out more generic trailers for the market. Explore the benefits of using one of our cutting-edge trailers and discover how you can customize any trailer type to fit your task. Tackle a DIY project or upgrade your professional toolkit with a dump trailer today.

Dependable Frame

It all starts with the frame. A durable aluminum body keeps the weight of your trailer down without compromising load capacity. Aluminum is a durable alternative to steel because it’s naturally corrosion-free. This means you won’t have to worry about painting and other rust-protection maintenance steps. Simply spray off any salt or mud on your aluminum trailer and keep on hauling.

An aluminum body is placed on industry-leading axles. TorFlex EZ-Lube axles offer a sealed, sturdy set of wheels that require minimal maintenance to keep your trailer moving and dumping.

Our trailer frames come in a wide range of lengths and several widths so you can be confident in using the right trailer for the right job. Choose a compact eight-foot dump trailer to pull with your SUV or to manoeuvre a crowded job site. For large loads and professional projects, upgrade to a trailer up to 20 feet long.

The floor of the trailer is made with extruded aluminum. This dependable material keeps the trailer protected from rain, UV rays and other harsh effects that would damage a wood floor. It’s just one more reason that we create industry-leading trailers for all types of cargo.

Heavy-Duty Jack

A dump trailer is only as sturdy as its jack. We use high-quality telescoping jacks to lift a full load with any size trailer. Whether you need a 10-ton jack or another size, we fit each trailer with a jack that accommodates the dimensions of the dump bed and that can be easily controlled from the safety of the front of the trailer.

Shop our site for trailers with removable sides and ramps for easy removal of large equipment. Our trailers handle more than loose materials so enjoy sides that open, convenient access ramps and plenty of D-rings and other tie-down points to load up your lawnmower or recreational vehicle.

Landscapers love how easily they can load up gravel, mulch or topsoil. The reliable jack lets you fill up your trailer and then dump part or all of it with ease wherever you need it.

Reliable Braking and Lights

Dumping your trailer is only half the job. We pay careful attention to the brakes and lights on your trailer to ensure that driving it is just as safe and easy as filling and dumping it. LED brake lights with a lifetime warranty give you peace of mind wherever you park or drive. Choose between electric and hydraulic brakes for the safe stopping power you need.

These features make our trailers great for long-distance transportation. Load up your camping gear or help a family member move to a new home without worrying about the trip on the highway. Navigate busy traffic or come to a sudden stop safely with clear signals and powerful brakes.

Haul Easier With a Millroad Dump Trailer

Shop for dump trailers at Millroad Manufacturing to see what you’re missing. Compare dump, tilt, utility, flatdeck or deckover trailers to find the ideal piece of equipment for your professional or recreational loads. If you don’t find the trailer you need, work with our team to customize a trailer to meet all your requirements. Adding tie-down points, spare tires and altering the dimensions of your trailer is easy for our fabrication team, so work with us today to make hauling any load easier.