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Hydraulic Dump Trailer

How To Safely Operate A Hydraulic Dump Trailer

A hydraulic dump trailer is a helpful alternative to expensive dump trucks. If you’ve just purchased a dump trailer or if you’re looking for ways to get more out of your trailer, follow these tips for operation and maintenance. Find out how you can get the most use out of a custom dump trailer for sale near you when you choose Millroad Manufacturing.

Operating Tips

Aluminum Trailer MDO18-6

A dump trailer is generally easy to operate, but there are a few important tips you should follow to use it safely and efficiently. These tips are not only for your safety but also can help keep your dump trailer working effectively for years to come.

Try to load your trailer evenly before driving or dumping. Uneven loads can cause issues with your hydraulic system or cause your trailer to wander on the road. When you’re ready to dump, be sure your trailer is on firm, even ground. Open the rear doors and firmly latch the doors back.

As your trailer dumps, stay completely away from the dumping area and the hydraulic system. This is possible with a Millroad trailer thanks to the 20-foot cord included with your hydraulic controller. After your trailer has completely dumped its contents, use your remote controller to power the dump box back down. Always put the remote controller back in place in the storage box after you’ve completed your project. Turn the hydraulic main power off, close the back doors and secure them shut before you hit the road and move onto your next project.

Maintenance Tips

Millroad hydraulic dump trailers come with standard main power disconnect switches. Look for the disconnect switch on the side of the pump box. Be sure it’s turned off while you’re on the road or when your trailer is in storage. This will prevent any electrical issues or unintentional movement.

All Millroad dump trailers come with a safety rod. Use this rod to prop up your dump trailer securely if you need to perform any maintenance projects or inspect any areas between the frame and dump box.

The TorFlex axles of your dump trailer need occasional greasing, which is easy thanks to the EZ Lube design. Simply grease them at least once a year and enjoy long-lasting performance. Also be sure to check your dump trailer battery regularly and keep it maintained.

Storage Tips

Aluminum trailer MD71

Don’t leave any debris in your dump trailer while in storage. If you’re keeping your dump trailer outdoors in the winter, consider using jacks to raise the tires off the ground. Store the trailer away from the road or other areas where it may be exposed to road salt.

Take the battery out of your dump trailer if you’re planning on storing it for months at a time. This will prevent your battery from dying and extend its lifetime. Because of the durable aluminum body, you don’t have to worry about rust or corrosion whether you store your custom Millroad dump trailer indoors or outside. When you take your dump trailer out of storage, inspect its tires and hydraulic system to be sure everything is working properly. Activate the hydraulic system before your trailer is loaded and inspect it for any signs of problems.

Custom Dump Trailers by Millroad Manufacturing

Learn more about dump trailers today. At Millroad Manufacturing, we use the latest technology to offer unbeatable dump trailers for your professional or personal projects. Contact us today to find out more about our durable hydraulic system and rugged aluminum dump trailers. Find out where you can go to purchase your very own Millroad trailer or work with us to get a custom trailer that fits your exact needs.