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Tips on using your aluminum flat deck trailer to safely haul your motorcycle

Using a Flat Deck Trailer for Moving a Motorcycle

There’s nothing quite like that first trip every year on a motorcycle. As you prepare to get your motorcycle out of storage for the year, or if you’re taking your two-wheeled ride to a trailhead away from your home, find out how to safely haul it with a flat deck trailer. Use these tips to get the most out of your Millroad Manufacturing aluminum flat deck and make sure your motorcycle has a safe, uneventful trip to your destination.

Equipment You May Need

While there are many types of trailers that can handle the load of a motorcycle, a flat deck trailer is one of the most convenient to load, unload and take on alternative hauling tasks. There are, however, a few pieces of safety equipment you should prepare before loading your motorcycle:

  • Trailer ramp
  • Tow straps
  • Motorcycle rail
  • Wheel chock
  • Wheel cradle

A trailer ramp helps get your bike up to your trailer safely. This crucial piece of equipment typically comes with your flat deck trailer, but review your equipment to be sure your motorcycle can safely ride up and down your ramp.

Tow straps secure your bike as you hit the road. These straps connect to D-rings and other approved tie-down points on your trailer. They typically include ratchets to tighten down the lines safely. 

Tow straps come in a range of weight ratings, so compare your straps with your motorcycle weight rating. These straps may hold your bike down, but they can’t always prevent it from tipping over. For that, you’ll need a motorcycle rail, wheel chock or wheel cradle.

Rails, chocks and cradles are designed to secure your wheels and keep them from rolling. They also keep your bike from tipping over on your trailer. Use the following tips to be sure you use the correct combination of safety items before heading out on your next adventure.

Tips on Securing Your Bike

It’s worth running over your entire setup before hitting the road. There are a number of common mistakes that trailer owners often make, so use these tips to be sure your bike is ready for transport:

  • Review your tie-down points to be sure they’re rated for the situation.
  • Size your tow straps and motorcycle rail to the weight and dimensions of your bike.
  • Review the weight rating for your trailer.
  • Check your vehicle towing limit.
  • Be sure your trailer is properly secured and maintained.

If you’re not using a flat deck trailer and have a trailer with sides, be sure you have enough room to walk around your motorcycle in your trailer. You’ll need room to reach around your ride and secure straps safely.

Dangers of Improper Transportation

You’re obviously excited to hit the road with your bike, but your trip will end very quickly if you haven’t properly secured your motorcycle. At best, your motorcycle will simply jostle around and rub against the tow straps. At worst, an improperly secured bike can fall down and slide off your trailer into traffic following you causing serious damage. Stay safe and have a memorable weekend riding your motorcycle, not picking it up off the road.

Use these tips on properly securing your bike. Consider asking our team at Millroad Manufacturing for more information about safe hauling strategies. Taking a few more minutes to review your straps and tightening down your motorcycle can mean all the difference.

Prepare Your Bike for the Open Road

Get ready for the wind in your hair, the breeze on your face, and the freedom of a two-wheeled ride. Contact us at Millroad Manufacturing for more information about safe trailer practices. We can help you purchase an aluminum flat deck trailer to haul your motorcycle or equip your existing trailer with additional tie-down points and other accessories.