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We have a dump trailer for sale that fits your needs

Dumpsters vs Dump Trailers

Your work generates waste. Whether you’re working in commercial construction, residential roof repair or another trade, you need to efficiently remove waste materials from the jobsite. At Millroad Manufacturing, we have a dump trailer for sale that fits your needs. Find out how dump trailers compare with dumpster rentals to see how you can save money and take on more projects with a new trailer.

The Problem With a Dumpster Service

Most business owners start out with a dumpster service. At first, it seems like a convenient option. You simply need to pay a set fee per day or per fill, then the company will deliver a dumpster to your location. Fill up the dumpster over the course of the project and inform the company when it’s full. They take care of the rest.

Unfortunately, this strategy comes with a few problems. Here are some typical reasons why business owners aren’t fully satisfied with this waste removal strategy:

  • The dumpster may not be delivered on time.
  • You don’t have control of when the dumpster leaves the property.
  • You’ll need to pay for every day or fill, which ends up more expensive in the long run.
  • Dumpsters are a specialized tool that can’t be used for other purposes.

Affordable Dump Trailer Use

The initial expense of a dump trailer is more than a dumpster rental, which is why many business owners are hesitant to start with a trailer. Once your business is established and you’re confident you’ll be in business for years to come, all those dumpster rental fees start to add up.

Dump trailers, over the lifetime of the trailer, can save you money. You’ll pay far less to dump your trailer at a waste or recycling station. The trip with your trailer to the station still doesn’t add up to the same cost of paying a dumpster service.

The Best Option for Your Customers

No one wants to stare at a dumpster full of construction site waste in their front yard. Some dumpster services are better than others, but most may not be able to come and pick up the unit the same day you call them. This means that, even after you’ve cleaned up and finished the job, your customer still won’t have full access to their yard or parking area. This added inconvenience can turn customers off from recommending your service.

You’re in control of your dump trailer. Even if you finish late at night, you can simply hook up your dump trailer and haul it away from the jobsite. It’s much better to have the waste sit for a few days at your business location, rather than the customer’s location. You can then take a trip to your local waste management facility at your convenience.

Flexible Use for Multiple Projects

A dumpster is solely dedicated to holding refuse. All your rental costs will go straight to that purpose. If you invest in a dump trailer, you can enjoy a more flexible tool for work and household projects.

Fill up your trailer on the weekend with leaf litter to clean up your yard. Take a vacation and haul your camping gear or off-road vehicles in a large dump trailer. Our custom trailers can come with access ramps, removable sidewalls and multiple tie-down points to take on a range of loads.

Check Out a Millroad Manufacturing Dump Trailer

Check out our dump trailers for sale today to see how you can improve your business model. Invest in a quality dump trailer for sale and avoid paying dumpster rental fees for every single job. Take charge of your company and offer your customers a more convenient service as you grow your business.