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How to Choose the Right Trailer: Aluminum or Steel?

How to Choose the Right Trailer: Aluminum or Steel?

Many retailers currently feature a variety of aluminum trailers for sale. These are different from traditional steel trailers, and it may not obvious what the differences are. Choosing the right trailer is a major decision, and we are here to help. Consider the durability of the materials, maintenance concerns, and levels of warranty.


One major problem with steel trailers is that they rust and corrode over time. Rain, road salt, ice, and other foreign contaminants cause their hinges to break down and their corners to separate. Aluminum trailers do not suffer from this drawback as they are highly resistant to rust and chemical corrosion.

Some will argue that aluminum trailers do not always withstand the pressure of road travel as the years go by. However, aluminum alloy possesses the same yield strength as its steel counterpart. Aluminum trailers also contain a resilient blend of copper, titanium, chromium, and zinc to add extra durability.


Maintenance costs for aluminum trailers are lower than for steel trailers. A steel dump trailer, for example, will need regular welding of its joints and corners due to wear and tear. Aluminum trailers will cost you more upfront, but you will save money over time by not having to repair them as often.

Any scratch on the paint of a steel trailer will expose the underlying metal to oxidization, leading to rust. Steel trailers are constantly needing touch-up paint. If the steel has been galvanized, this will reduce the need for maintenance, but galvanization also comes with the downside of having to be removed before welding. After welding, the galvanic layer has to be reapplied to seal the exterior.

Keep your aluminum trailer in tip-top shape by lubricating the cam latches and hinges. Worry less about rust and corrosion. Wash out the interior regularly, especially if it has come into contact with any liquids. If your aluminum trailer starts to look dull or dingy, give it an acid bath once a year to brighten up its sheen.


The resale value of a steel trailer is compromised by its risk of accumulating rust. Very few people want to buy a trailer that is already structurally unsound. After just two years of use, steel trailers can have so much rust that the component parts no longer function as reliably as they once did. Manufacturers are frequently unable to offer extended warranties on steel trailers because they simply do not age well.

Aluminum trailers can function in a like-new condition for years, sometimes decades, with simple routine maintenance. Retailers are so confident in their aluminum products that they offer long-lasting warranties in the event that something does go wrong. They know that malfunctions and breakdowns are unlikely, due to the resiliency and longevity of aluminum.

Aluminum Trailers For Sale at Millroad

Since 2004, we have specialized in selling the highest-quality custom aluminum trailers that Canada has to offer. Some of our most popular trailers include:

Aluminum trailers are easier to pull than steel, and their lightweight frame allows you to haul more cargo. Your fuel economy increases, and you improve the overall efficiency of your operation. The towing experience of aluminum is smoother as well. Drivers report that even a fully-loaded aluminum trailer has a smoother ride than an empty steel trailer. Steel tends to bounce and jostle with each bump in the road, whereas aluminum handles potholes and rough terrain much more deftly.

No matter what you haul, we can work with you to customize a trailer that’s perfect for your needs. With the confidence of our quality guarantee and a five-year warranty, let us help you design the trailer of your dreams.