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Benefits of a Custom-Made Trailer

Benefits of a Custom-Made Trailer

Investing in custom trailers may seem like an additional cost with not much to show for it, but we beg to differ. The time you spend looking for the perfect trailer could be better spent designing exactly what you want and finding a company that can deliver what you need. Consider the benefits of added efficiency, the ability to choose your materials, better security, and the ability to carry heavier cargo.

1. Maximize Your Efficiency

A custom-made trailer will last longer and stand up better against rough terrain. You will be able to haul more at greater distances with reduced wear and tear. Repairs cost money and take away valuable time you could be on the road. Choose the component parts of your trailer to reduce the likelihood of breakage.

2. Customize Your Materials

Safety is paramount, and there are several custom materials that can safely haul your goods. You don’t have to stick with the prefab manufacturing specs. Aluminum, for example, is an effective alternative to steel. It is more lightweight, giving you the ability to haul more cargo. It is also rust-resistant, reducing the need for repairs and retrofitting.

Whether you need a flatdeck, utility trailer, tilt, deckover, gooseneck, or dump trailer, they can all be made with aluminum. The metal holds up well against the rain, road salt, ice, and heat. Aluminum can also be fixed more easily if it gets a ding or a dent. No welding is necessary.

3. Upgrade Your Security

Alarm systems and additional locks can be installed on any trailer. Hitch pin locks will prevent a thief from being able to unhitch your trailer from your truck. In the rare event that a hitch pin lock fails, you can install a ball pin lock which will prevent the thief from being able to attach your hitch to their truck.

GPS locators can also be installed on your trailer in discreet locations out of sight. If other security measures fail, you will be able to alert the authorities and track the trailer’s location with your app. If installed correctly, the thief will not know that they are being tracked. You’ll likely get your trailer back very quickly, and the authorities will apprehend the culprit so it doesn’t happen again.

4. Increase Your Payload Capacity

If your current trailers do not allow you to haul as much as you would like them to, install a second axle or a raised platform.

Tandem Axle

The extra set of tires allows the weight to be distributed more evenly and the trailer to be more stable at highway speeds. The upfront cost of the customization will be worth it in the long run, because you will be able to expand your business with more loads, more often.

Raised Platform

The hydraulic design of this platform creates a lot more flexibility with the types of loads you can take on. Industrial and construction equipment require special space considerations without the restrictions of roofs or sidewalls. With this custom option, you may be one of the only trailers in your area that can haul certain machines.

Learn More about Custom Trailers at Millroad Manufacturing

Everything from wheel size, deck height, trailer length, and brakes can be made-to-order with Millroad. We have a next-level commitment to our product, backed up by a five-year warranty. We are proud of the variety of customizations we offer, and the innovative ways that we satisfy our customers.

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