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Why a Landscape Trailer is the Equipment You Didn't Know You Needed

Why a Landscape Trailer Is the Equipment You Didnt Know You Needed

Considering buying a truck to take on your DIY projects? Learn how a landscape utility trailer can offer you all the hauling power and convenience you need for day-to-day projects. In terms of affordability, versatility and ease-of-use, purchasing a utility trailer is a great alternative to buying a separate vehicle just for carting heavy or oversized materials. Read on to learn why a Millroad Manufacturing trailer is a must-have piece of equipment for any home.

Affordable Compared to a Truck

Don’t buy a truck just to haul your junk, landscaping material or off-road vehicle. Check out a lightweight, affordable trailer that offers the same or more space than a truck bed. Plus, you can connect a utility trailer to nearly any vehicle to haul your bags of mulch, new couch, dirt bike or other items that don’t fit in your car or SUV.

Trailers are available in a variety of sizes and a range of maximum load ratings, and even a small utility trailer can haul an impressive amount of cargo. A lightweight aluminum build means less trailer weight so you can get the most out of every trip.

Compatible With Any Vehicle

Don’t have the biggest engine on the block? An aluminum utility trailer is a lightweight alternative that can be towed by even a smaller-sized vehicle. Some trailers are just 400 pounds and easily pulled by a car, ATV, lawn tractor or even by hand. It’s a great investment for an avid gardener, landscaper or DIY enthusiast. Load up a used couch or pick up a replacement water heater and save on shipping costs.

Steel trailers and enclosed trailers are often too heavy to be pulled by anything but a heavy-duty truck, and their sheer weight can make it difficult to maneuver them. Aluminum utility haulers are a lightweight alternative that makes it easier to get to those out-of-the-way places in your backyard or in the backcountry.

Available in a range of sizes

At Millroad Manufacturing, we offer a wide range of landscape trailer sizes to fit your tow vehicle and your project. If you’re concerned about hauling a bulky, heavy trailer, check out our MS48 landscape trailer. This pint-sized powerhouse is just 400 pounds but gives you 50 inches of width and 98 inches of length. That’s more than enough to load up your landscaping, gardening or home improvement supplies.

If you have an SUV or another vehicle with a little more towing power, upgrade to an MS510 or MS612. These durable trailers are large enough to haul ATVs, UTVs, dirt bikes or lawn tractors. Choose a trailer in this size range to start up a lawn care business or haul your off-road vehicle to the next trailhead.

Convenient To Clean

After hauling scrap, recycling or mulch, the last thing you want is a trashed SUV. Don’t stuff your vehicle with dirty, smelly or dangerous materials; use your workhorse of a trailer instead. It’s tough to get stains and smells out of an interior cargo area, but an open trailer is easy to spray down and air out.

Unlike steel, an aluminum trailer won’t corrode after the first washing. Don’t worry about spraying it down or maintaining a coat of paint. Thanks to shrink-wrapped wiring and LED lights, the electrical system of your trailer is also protected from moisture and the elements.

Compare Your Options Today

You don’t have to invest a fortune in a large trailer or truck to transport your tools and toys or bring home bulky items. Check out our landscape utility trailer options today to find a reliable aluminum hauler for your next project. Millroad Manufacturing is your leading in durable, lightweight and affordable trailers for DIY and professional projects.