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Top 3 Best Trailers for Landscaping

Top 3 Best Trailers for Landscaping

Landscaping requires a reliable trailer. Whether you’re hauling skid steers and other heavy equipment or loads of mulch and topsoil, find out the pros and cons of the top three trailers for landscapers. Enjoy quality aluminum custom utility trailer options at Millroad Manufacturing for all your DIY or professional landscape projects at home or on the job.

Top Landscaping Trailers

There are many different types of trailers, so it can be tough to choose the best combination of versatility and rugged hauling load. For most landscaping projects, here are the top three picks for trailers:

Consider the type of project you’re trying to tackle. These three types of trailers have many benefits for specific projects, so it’s important to choose a trailer based on relevant factors. Typically, landscapers want an open trailer with short walls and a dumping feature for loading soil and mulch. Equipment-hauling options require a spacious deck, plenty of tie-down spots, and reliable weight capacity.

Dump Trailer Pros and Cons

Check out a Millroad Manufacturing dump trailer for uncompromising load capacity and convenience. When it comes to hauling loose-fill, gravel and paving stones, nothing beats the quality of a dump trailer. The sides keep loose materials safe and secure, while the dumping makes it easy to unload once you reach the job site.

If you’re looking to load up heavy machinery, however, you may want to look at a different model.. While a dump trailer can hold a generous amount of loose materials, it doesn’t have the same wide footprint of a deckover or flatdeck trailer. Once you start loading lawn mowers or skid steers, you’ll find this option isn’t the best for your business.

Landscape/ utility

It has sides to keep the material and equipment contained. You have the option of a side loading ramp for multiple loading options. Have more optional accessories to customize to your needs it doesn’t have the same wide footprint of a deckover or flatdeck trailer.

Flatdeck Trailer Pros and Cons

A flatdeck offers some of the highest weight levels on the market. Choose a flatdeck made of aluminum and you’ll enjoy a high load limit without requiring special licensing. This is one of the most popular trailer options for hauling all your lawn care and landscaping tools and equipment to the job site. At the end of a long work week, it’s also a great trailer for loading up ATVs and other off-road vehicles. The low-clearance design of this trailer makes it excellent for safely loading vehicles.

The maximum bed width between fenders is 80 inches. For some equipment and project materials, this isn’t enough space. A flatdeck sometimes suffers from being too middle of the road; it doesn’t have the dumping convenience of a dump and doesn’t have quite the deck width of a deckover. If you’re looking for a specialized option for loose material or wide sheet goods, check out the deckover trailer with the option of adding removable sides and tailgate. 

Deckover Trailer Pros and Cons

The widest holding capacity on the market is a deckover. Enjoy an impressive 102-inch bed width for skid steers, lawn equipment and materials. Reliable spruce boards and ample tie-down points give you the reliable hold you need. Choose from 3.5-ton to 10-ton options to handle impressive loads. Select the ramps and beavertails that make your trailer ready to haul your landscaping materials.

Unfortunately, all this deck space comes at a cost. Deckover trailers have a deck that’s much higher than a flatdeck trailer, which makes it more difficult to load equipment. Without a dump feature or side walls you won’t be able to haul loose material on this trailer.

Compare Trailers at Millroad Manufacturing

Now that you’ve seen them head to head, it’s time to find the perfect trailer for your project. Contact a dealer today to learn more about our best-selling aluminum trailers or discover how you can enjoy a custom utility trailer to cover all your bases and haul anything you need on the job.