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The Benefits of LED Lights for your Deckover Trailer

How Do Trailer LED Lights Offer Signigicant Benefits?

A deckover trailer is similar to a flatbed trailer. The difference is that a deckover trailer is wider than a flatbed trailer and can therefore accommodate larger loads. The advantage of purchasing a custom trailer is that you can choose different options for it to suit your specific needs. LED lights are an alternative to traditional lights with incandescent bulbs, and they can offer you significant benefits. Here are some of the specific ways that you can benefit from having LEDs installed on your trailer.

1. Multiple Points of Light

An incandescent lightbulb consists of a single filament. When that filament burns out, the bulb is useless. Most traditional trailer lights only use one bulb, which means that when it burns out, you no longer have the required number of working lights on your trailer, which could pose a safety hazard and potentially result in a traffic citation.

LED stands for light-emitting diode. What makes a diode emit light is the movement of electricity through a semiconductor. A single trailer light assembly may have multiple diodes. Brake lights can have between six and 40 diodes, while marker lights typically have between three and five. Each diode operates independently of the others, so if, for some reason, a single diode starts malfunctioning, the others remain intact. As a result, the light is still operational and in compliance with applicable traffic regulations.

2. Longer Life

LEDs don’t use a filament that burns out. That doesn’t mean that they last forever; eventually, they will wear out and have to be replaced. However, they do last significantly longer than incandescent bulbs.

There is a range of estimates of the life of LED lights. The high end of the range is an estimated 25,000 hours of useful life. If this is the case, then you could conceivably have the LEDs on for eight hours a day, every day, for a full year, and they would last for eight years. Even if the more conservative estimates are more accurate, LEDs should still last up to four years under the same conditions, and it is rare that anyone would keep their trailer lights shining that continuously. Because of the intermittent use that most LED trailer lights see, they could potentially last for decades. By contrast, an incandescent bulb can only be expected to last 1,000 hours at most.

3. Less Heat

LEDs use energy much more efficiently than incandescent bulbs. As a result, they produce less heat. This helps to make them safer. For example, if you needed to replace an LED bulb, you wouldn’t have to wait for it to cool down first, whereas if you didn’t wait before trying to change a traditional incandescent, you could burn yourself. Another advantage of LEDs producing less heat is that they are less susceptible to sudden and drastic changes in temperature that could cause an electric bulb to break.

4. Consistent Light Levels

As the filament inside an incandescent bulb burns, it degrades over time. During the degradation process, the light that it produces can grow dimmer overtime before it eventually burns out. Not only do LEDs lights last longer, but they shine consistently bright with no reduction.

You could see the tendency of incandescent bulbs to grow dimmer until they eventually burn out as a positive as this is a sign that can alert you to the need for a replacement. It might be an advantage if LED lights had a similar expected life span to incandescents, but because LEDs last so much longer, you may need to replace your trailer before you replace the lights, so the advantage is small to nonexistent.

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LED lights are just one of the many options you can choose for a deckover trailer for sale. Check out our website or contact a dealer near you for more information.