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The Benefits of LED Lighting for Your Trailer

Benefits of LED Lighting for Your Deck Over Trailer

You have undoubtedly been hearing a buzz about LED lights. You have probably even heard people say that LED lighting is better than incandescent bulbs in most situations. Yet, as you are looking at a deckover trailer for sale in Ontario, it is hard to know what to think about claims that one lighting type is better than another until you understand for yourself what the product is and how it works differently.

We will discuss LED lights more here to explore how they are different than incandescent bulbs and why they are now being used in trailers.

LED lighting

What’s the Difference Between LED and Incandescent Light Bulbs?

A light-emitting diode (LED) light has an electrical component called a diode at its center that creates light when a small electrical current reaches it. In contrast, an incandescent light bulb has a filament in it that glows when an electrical current heats it up. On the surface, it could sound as though the difference between these two types of lights is unimportant since, in both cases, electricity initiates light in the fixture. Yet, the difference between the LED’s diode and the incandescent bulb’s filament is significant:

  • Diodes take up to nine-tenths less electricity than is required to heat filaments.
  • Continual heating and shocks on the road weaken and break the relatively fragile filaments, giving bulbs shorter life expectancy.
  • Diodes light up faster because they do not need to heat up.

How Do LED Lights Affect Maintenance?

LED lights keep you on the road longer between maintenance tasks because they last an average of six times longer than bulbs. Not only are filaments more fragile than diodes but the heat created by incandescent bulbs also increases the likelihood of breaking. The glass of an incandescent bulb is hot when the bulb is in use. When the hot glass encounters Canada’s harsh cold and wet winter conditions, it becomes prone to shattering. Nothing is more irritating than having a haul interrupted by a sudden need to replace your trailer taillights. With LED lighting, you run a much smaller risk of having unexpected maintenance needs.

How Does LED Lighting Affect Trailer Performance?

LED brake lights increase your safety on the road because they are brighter, and they light up instantaneously and fully bright when you apply the brakes. In contrast, incandescent lights take approximately one-fourth of a second to reach 90% brightness. The brighter light emitted by LEDs makes your brake lights more visible during the day and at greater distances, which decreases the risk of another vehicle rear-ending you.

The extra quarter of a second that bulbs take to light up may not be long enough to notice during normal driving conditions or at slow speeds. However, in those times when hard braking is necessary at highway speeds, LED lighting may mean the difference between a close call and an accident. In fact, the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute found that LED brake lights decrease the braking distance of the vehicle following you by 16 feet.

Does a Deck Over Trailer Come With LED Lighting?

All our trailers, including the deck over trailers, have LED lights as a standard feature. This means that no matter which trailer you are considering, you will not pay extra to get all of the benefits that are available through LED lighting.

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