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Planning on Snowmobiling This Winter? Buy A Utility Trailer!

Planning on Snowmobiling This Winter? Buy A Utility Trailer!

Riding a snowmobile can be a great way to enjoy the winter weather. However, as with any other type of recreational equipment, there is always one big challenge: how to get it to the site where you will be riding. At Millroad Manufacturing, we have a simple answer to this question: get a utility trailer. You may be shocked by how much easier it is to enjoy your favourite winter sport with one of our custom trailers.

You Need To Haul Your Snowmobile

As you know, you can’t drive your snowmobile everywhere. There simply aren’t enough connected trails and you can’t take it on the road. Even if you have some great riding options near your home, you likely want to be able to go out and enjoy other trails. Furthermore, although snowmobiles can reach impressive speeds (often topping out between 95 and 120 miles per hour), they rarely can get to a destination as quickly or as comfortably as a passenger vehicle taking highways and other major roads.

Thus, you need some way to haul your snowmobile. Many people are surprised by how large their snowmobiles are the first time they try to load them up. Sitting out in the open, they don’t look as big as when you try to load them into a trailer or truck bed.

Having a way to haul your snowmobiles will also empower you to take them on vacations. Going to the mountains for some skiing? Take your snowmobile too to mix up your adventures.

Why a Utility Trailer?

A lot of people take their snowmobiles on the backs of their pickup trucks. This is a nice, simple option if you own a truck. However, for most models of snowmobile, it is challenging to fit more than one in a truck bed. Simply put, there isn’t enough room even on relatively roomy beds.

Thus, a trailer is an obvious answer. It will allow you to load one snowmobile on the trailer and another on the truck bed. Alternatively, if you choose one of our larger models, you can fit multiple snowmobiles on the trailer and all your luggage in your truck bed. The extra space allows you to easily carry more gear such as skis, snowboards, snowshoes and other items for winter sports.

Furthermore, utility trailers have dropdown loading gates. Unlike the tailgates on trucks, these loading gates are designed to form ramps when lowered. Thus, it is much easier to get your snowmobile onto the trailer. You don’t even need to carry ramps with you to get the job done.

Get More With Custom Trailers

You can get a lot done with a standard utility trailer from Millroad Manufacturing. Our lightweight but durable aluminum construction means that you can count on our trailer to perform for years to come.

If you want to get a more bespoke experience, consider one of our custom trailers. You can take the base of a utility trailer and add various customizations to make it work better for your needs. For example, you may want a toolbox, shelf, floor ties, LED lighting or a rack for your recreational equipment. With a custom trailer, you will be ready to take on all the challenges that the winter can throw at you.

Order Your Custom Utility Trailer Today

Explore the Millroad Manufacturing catalogue of trailers today. Our custom trailers make it easier than ever to move snowmobiles and other recreational equipment. If you want to hit the snowy trails this winter, you need the right gear to haul your vehicle(s). Place your order for a trailer or contact us if you need help finding the right utility trailer for your needs.