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Ways a Tilt Trailer is Useful in Winter

Ways a Tilt Trailer is Useful in Winter

Transporting your gear in the winter can be a big undertaking. Whether you are moving ATVs, snowmobiles, skis, snowboards or anything else, you need the right trailer to help you get the job done. For many of your winter-moving jobs, a tilt trailer is the right answer. With a high-quality trailer from Millroad Manufacturing, you will be ready for anything!

All About Tilt Trailers

Tilt trailers are fairly straightforward, and they do exactly what the name implies. The construction of a tilt trailer is typically a flat deck over a subframe that holds the wheels, hitch and mechanism. The deck is flat when in transit, but if you need to load or unload anything, you can raise the front of the deck using hydraulics to form a long ramp. In other words, the trailer tilts.

They are typically designed with relatively long construction. Thus, you can fit a lot of equipment on them, plus they form a fairly gentle gradient when in the loading position.

Benefits of Using a Tilt Trailer

This design is simple yet effective. Here are a few reasons you will love owning a tilt trailer:

  • Easy To Use: The operation of a title trailer is really simple. You just use the powered hydraulics to position the deck at the right angle, then load your items and tie them down. There is no need to fuss with any heavy ramps or difficult angles.
  • Safe: Loading and unloading tend to be the most dangerous operations for any trailer. With a tile trailer, you can keep things simple. There are no ramps that can slip, no need to improvise with uneven ground and far fewer risks overall. This is a really safe option.
  • Efficient: You can get your trailer loaded up quickly thanks to the straightforward operation. Plus, the open deck typically means that you can load a lot more compared to some other trailer options.

How You Can Use Your Tilt Trailer

There are lots of uses for a tilt trailer. As mentioned, it is ideal for loading heavy winter equipment such as snowmobiles and ATVs. You can also use it for commercial equipment such as snowblowers and plows. It can be a good option for landscaping businesses.

Better yet, when you own a tilt trailer, you can use it all year. If you need to move kayaks in the summer, for example, it is great for that (just leave the deck flat). Plus, you can carry any construction materials or other heavy items. In short, this is an ultra-practical type of trailer. You can more or less carry any heavy load while also enjoying easily loading and unloading.

Practicing Safety When Loading and Unloading

Winter recreation can be a ton of fun. However, it can also be a cause for accidents, especially when lots of people are trying to load and unload equipment in busy parking lots.

The first thing you need to do to ensure safety is to make sure that you have the right equipment. A tilt trailer is ideal because it can be loaded in almost any space. Plus, compared to loading into the back of a pickup truck, the height from the ground is minimal.

As you try to move the equipment, make sure to keep the throttle low. Going slowly and gently will help you do the job right. Additionally, make sure you have plenty of space. It is also a good idea to have a spotter to keep an eye on things.

Order Your Tilt Trailer Today

Millroad Manufacturing offers high-quality, aluminum tilt trailers. These things are built to be super lightweight and very resistant to rust and other common winter hazards. Place your order today.