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Landscape Trailer Accessories That Will Improve Your Efficiency on the Job

Landscape Trailer Accessories That Will Improve Your Efficiency on the Job

A Millroad aluminum trailer with tool storage is the ideal way to transport equipment to a landscaping job site. While an aluminum utility trailer is sufficient for small jobs that require only a mower and a few other pieces of equipment, a customized landscape trailer is the best choice for professional landscapers. To make your trailer even more useful, here are some tips and tricks for organizing it with accessories.

Take Inventory

Before you can organize your tools, you must first figure out what you have. The best method is to completely empty your old trailer, discarding anything that does not belong. Continually making room for unnecessary items is a waste of time and space, so don’t overlook this important first step. Then, write down everything of value that is left. This list is also handy to keep for insurance purposes.

Once you have an inventory of your tools, jot down a second list of what you actually need at a job site. Chances are good that you have been carrying around some items you don’t need, as well as habitually forgetting to bring along some that you do. If you employ multiple crews, create a standard list of equipment that you can replicate for all your trailers. Doing so makes it easier for workers to switch between them when necessary.

Get Organized

A place for everything and everything in its place makes a great motto for this step. Before you begin to put things away, designate a specific location for each item so that nothing goes on the floor. Be sure you can access each piece of equipment without having to move other tools out of the way first.  Finally, place all items in their appropriate spots. Labels are a great way to help you remember where they go and to encourage coworkers to comply with your new system.

Do not be tempted to put broken tools back on a new trailer. Before starting this process, decide what you will do with anything in need of repairs or sharpening. One option is to designate a section of your garage as a place for damaged items to stay until they receive the attention they need. If you are completely sure that the tool will be going back on the trailer later, you can always leave a space for it. The empty spot will help remind you to fix it.

Choose the Best Type of Trailer Accessories

Organizing your tools is easy with a customized trailer. Once you know how many of each item you need to carry, you can add just the right amount of shelves and racks to store everything neatly. For example, you might consider some of the following accessories:

  • Toolboxes
  • Floor ties
  • Spool brackets
  • Specialized racks for weed-eaters and edgers
  • Extra shelves

Designating places to store small items such as hand tools, spools of weed-eater string, and gloves saves time otherwise spent searching for them. A custom water cooler rack is also a nice touch that boosts morale during employee breaks. Millroad also offers specialized options such as ladder, canoe, and bicycle racks, as well as LED lighting. Because aluminum is so lightweight, you can add as many shelves as you need without worrying about the trailer getting stuck in the mud.

Trust Millroad for Custom Landscape Trailers

A Canadian-made Millroad trailer is the ideal piece of equipment for landscapers whose jobs depend on having the right tool for the job every day. We believe in the quality of our product so much that we offer a five-year warranty on all custom trailers. Find a Millroad dealer near you to start improving your job efficiency today.