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Why It's Important to Keep Your Wheel Bearings Greased

Why Its Important To Keep Your Wheel Bearings Greased

Before you get on the road with your gooseneck trailer Ontario, you need to make sure that it is in good working order. Some of the vital items on your maintenance list may include checking the tires, brakes and suspension. Another important task that shouldn’t be overlooked is checking the condition of the wheels. You always want to ensure that the wheel bearings are greased correctly to keep you and others safe on the road.

Wheel bearings reside inside the hub that connects the wheel to the axle. The bearings allow the wheels to turn freely and smoothly. Since this causes movement of metal against metal, the lubricant provides a much-needed barrier between the metal parts that enables ease of movement. Proper maintenance with grease is vital to minimize friction and prevent abrasive particles from etching the surface of the bearings.

Avoid Risks From Poor Maintenance

Risks from insufficient or improper wheel bearing lubrication are sobering. Friction from lack of proper maintenance can cause the bearings to seize up and lock the wheel. If you are driving when this happens, the wheels could detach. Losing a wheel on the road could damage the trailer, the cargo or other vehicles. The sudden imbalance in the trailer could also cause the driver to have difficulty maintaining control of the truck.

Dirt and dust can build up in all the moving parts, particularly in the wheel bearings. Grime from the road is inevitable. However, when allowed to build up on surfaces that should move smoothly together, it can impair the proper function of the parts and become a safety hazard. Keeping the wheel bearings clean and lubricated can prevent problems and keep you and your property safe.

Adjust Wheel Bearing Maintenance to Conditions

Periodic greasing of the wheel bearings should be a regular part of proactive trailer maintenance. However, the way you use your trailer and the road conditions it has traversed could indicate that you should increase the frequency of your schedule. A number of factors may affect how often you should check your wheel bearings:

  • Excessively heavy loads
  • Off-road use
  • Towing through high water

If your trailer does frequent heavy-duty towing, if it is operated in overly dusty or dirty conditions or if it has been pulled through water that covered the axles, you should perform the maintenance more often. Taking the time to lubricate the wheel bearings frequently keeps them ready for the next job and helps to protect your investment. Performing the task yourself is not difficult and saves money on service costs.

Surprisingly, some manufacturers forget to grease the wheel bearings before delivery to the dealer. If you’ve just purchased your trailer, verify that the bearings are adequately lubricated. You can conduct an easy test to ensure that the wheel bearings of your new trailer aren’t experiencing excessive friction. If the surface of the wheel near the hub is hot to the touch after use, it could indicate that it has not been properly lubricated.

Consult the Service Manual

Before you attempt the maintenance on your own, it is important to familiarize yourself with your trailer’s service manual. It will give you detailed instructions on where and how to lubricate the wheel bearings. You will need to have a trailer jack on hand. The tires should also be blocked appropriately to prevent the trailer from shifting or falling while you are underneath. If you have purchased a quality trailer with EZ Lube hubs, your job will be much simpler than on typical hubs.

Millroad Manufacturing provides EZ Lube hubs as standard equipment on everything they sell. Unlike most manufacturers, they do not charge for an upgrade to include them. They allow for trouble-free maintenance and make lubricating your wheel bearings a breeze. For more information on their custom and standard products, contact one of our dealers today.