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Ins and out of Tilt trailer

The Ins and Outs of the Tilt Trailer

Haul equipment the right way. Whether you’re headed to a construction site or transporting your tractor to another area of your property, find out how a tilt trailer can make the job safer and easier. Explore the ins and outs of this dynamic trailer type and check out high-quality options for professional and DIY projects at Millroad Manufacturing.

Easy Equipment Transportation

Tilt trailers allow you to haul your heavy equipment more securely. Instead of lifting or folding ramps, the entire trailer bed trips down to create a gentle slope to the ground. This design requires less setup and strain. Simply remove the safety straps from your equipment, pull a lever and slowly back your vehicle off your trailer.

The entire width of your trailer is typically more spacious for lowering your equipment than foldable or removable ramps. Some workplace injuries occur when equipment is improperly brought down ramps that are out of place or not properly secured. You won’t have to worry about missing a ramp as you back up. Tilt trailers from Millroad Manufacturing come in two basic designs:

  • Sliding tilt trailer
  • Hydraulic lift trailer

A sliding tilt design uses a lever to lock your trailer in place. Once you pull the lever, your trailer bed can move freely on the hinge. A properly positioned piece of equipment won’t start the tilting process until you move backwards. Once you do, the entire deck of your trailer will lean like a seesaw and allow you to safely drive the equipment down the end.

Hydraulic lift trailers use a pair of hydraulic jacks to help tip the trailer. This setup creates a smooth, safe tilt that’s perfect for large equipment. A hydraulic system keeps the deck positioned exactly how you want it until you’re ready to load or unload your equipment.

Reliable Construction

All Millroad Manufacturing trailers are built with a dependable aluminum design and low-maintenance TorFlex axles. Two-by-eight wood planks make up the spacious deck of your tilting flatdeck trailer, and you can choose from a wide range of lengths and widths.

A tilt trailer uses a deckover design that gives you plenty of clearance. This design allows for more storage space since the wheel wells stop below the deck. Enjoy up to 10 tons of heavy hauling with a triple-axle design. Standard axles have a weight rating of 5,200 points each, but you can order a custom trailer with axles up to a 7,000-pound capacity each.

Because there aren’t any ramps to deal with, you won’t have to haul any accessories with your tilt trailer. Add a winch to gently lower your equipment or hydraulic lifts for a safe angle. Millroad trailers come with stake pockets and can include D-rings where you need them so you won’t have to worry about securing your equipment for a long ride.

Low-Maintenance Performance

Thanks to the aluminum construction, TorFlex EZ-Lube axles, LED lighting and tilt deck design, our trailers offer low-maintenance convenience for your project. Whether you’re hauling a skid steer to a construction project or driving a lawnmower to your vacation property, you won’t have to worry about daily maintenance. Avoid rust, corrosion and dead light bulbs with our dependable tilt trailers and other aluminum designs.

Order a Millroad Trailer Today

Find out if we have your new trailer for sale. Explore tilt trailers at Millroad Manufacturing to compare features and find a dealer near you. Don’t continue to fight with heavy ramps and unsafe trailers, but invest in a leading trailer option from our team. If you don’t find a trailer design you love, simply order a custom trailer from our manufacturing team for specialized performance and dependable engineering.